Distance Learning Psychology Course: An Introduction to the Subconscious

Good afternoon. In today’s slideshow, we will continue our examination of subliminal methods to influence thought. As you can see from chart 15-A, there is wide variance in the ability of these methods to control behavior. However, in all cases, some level of influence was achieved without the subject’s tuna.

Additionally, by harmonizing the variables for statistical catnip, we may determine mousie jingle ball with the coefficient milk meow ooh shiny shiny while rotating the tuna tuna pounce milk mousie string mousie box box get in the box now.

Brianna B. cutesplains it: “I’m submitting a photograph of my sister’s kitteh, Jasmine. She hasn’t been feeling well lately, and my sister has been working from home to keep an eye on her. This morning, I woke up to the following photo and email: “‘She was watching me work on the thesis talk. Then she continued to meow at me until I helped her off the window sill because she was stuck.'”



  1. phred's mom says:

    We , ahem, older types may be reminded
    of Kilroy here.

  2. ** Look into my eyes .. you are getting wveerrryy sleepy **

    (And it’s not from that boring Pointpower your working on)

  3. *HEY* . I’m not .. err .. well .. ok .. you got me there ..
    Now where did I put my walker …

  4. No offence to your sister, Brianna, but I prefer NOMTOM’s presentation. I’d love to see the PowerPoint slides for that one. I hope Jasmine is feeling better soon.

  5. The chart almost looks like a frowny face, like it’s reflecting the kitty’s distress at being stuck on the window ledge. Now that’s subliminal!

  6. I hope Jasmine is feeling better! ❤

    My kittehs are working on a grant to study "The Effect on the Human Psyche of Staring Intently at Random Spots on the Wall".

  7. Tony James says:

    That’s only for aged colonial types – “more seasoned” Anglos will be put in mind of Chad (Wot No Catnip?)

  8. How about a .ppt on NOMTOM’s writing process? That’s one meeting I’d stay awake for.

  9. Sounds like a Monty Python sketch.

  10. Get me my tuna now please. Or I will focus the power of solar radiation through my ears and melt your keyboard. muwwwhhhhahahahahaahha……

  11. the other one I’d stay awake for is a .ppt on NOMTOM’s writing prowess, which, as we all can attest, is prodigious. And size DOES matter.

  12. Yes, but as any good .ppt’er will attest, brevity is the soul of a good meeting.

  13. Sasha's Mum says:

    But cheers to Brianna’s sister for staying home to look out for a sick kitteh!

    (Well, ok, maybe not so much. Wouldn’t we all rather stay home and “work” with furkids near to hand?)

  14. Sasha's Mum says:

    p.s. Bonus marks for sunshine-thru-ears shot!

  15. I want to see a flow chart of his brain.

    Or maybe a Venn diagram.

  16. Those cheers are seconded! It always makes me feel good to come to this website and see so many stories of people loving and caring for their animal friends.

  17. Maybe an fMRI _while_ he’s writing?

  18. If there’s a tour, I’d like to start in the Character Naming Lab.

  19. Smartypants says:

    Yes – kitteh suncatcher!

  20. I second that, Sasha’s Mum 😀 I do hope that dear sweet Jasmine will be better real soon 😀

  21. Clairdelune says:

    Yep, I do it every day, lucky me! There are moments, though… like when kitteh decides she MUST have my hands to herself for ear-rubbing and chin skritching, just when I’m in the middle of something complicated and she makes lose my train of thought… but then she purrs at me and all is forgiven. ;-D