Today is Good Job Bub Day! (Updated!)

Today is most definitely a good day to be Lil’ Bub.



  1. Loving the white ruff.

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    Rub a Dub Dub, a real cutie in that there Bub.

  3. Yay Lil Bub! An awesome kitteh and awesome hoomin. 🙂

  4. I’ve accomplished so little in my life, compared to Bub.

  5. Good job! How game of Whoopi Goldberg to lend her voice and image. Loved it! More Li’l Bub!

  6. “September 3rd is GOOD JOB BUB Day: A day to celebrate yourself, your pets and BUB.” Sounds good to me!

  7. Owned by Cats says:

    Is that the incomparable Bill Kurtis doing the intro to Lil Bub’s show?!

  8. I see that Bub’s hooman has a beard and rainbow sleeves. I’m gonna need to see some pictures, for science. And also possible inclusion in the Men of C.O. Calender. Yea. The calender.

  9. Lille and Bubba's human says:

    Hey now, I’ve already determined that Bub’s Dude is my soul mate, since I coincidentally have cats named Lille (pronounced “Lil”; 5 years old) and Bubba (who I call Bub; 3 years old), both named well before Lil Bub decided to fly down from outer space. While everyone else is in my NTMTOM’s please-marry-me line, I’m in Dude’s (also named Mike, actually; maybe he’s NTMTOOM?).

    But obviously I agree in needing more photos for science. A tattooed, bearded musician who loves cats? Definitely calendar worthy. If you haven’t see this, I recommend:

  10. Seconded! Little Bub’s Dude is a super hottie! He’d be a regular hottie all by himself but he adopted a special needs animal so that gets him the super upgrade!

  11. THANK YOU! Adorable….so’s the cat.

  12. That’s cool. You get firsties. Maybe he has a brother? Also, the pic on the link you posted….now my desktop picture. TY

  13. Yes, it is! 🙂

  14. Lille and Bubba's human says:

    Always happy to share eye candy for the desktop.

  15. I second that, Saffron 😀