I Can Has Wiper?

Mei is DETERMINED to get her paws on THESE DREADED WIPERS! Japan FTW, once again!

Mei likes going to the gas station, too. She appreciates the full service! (Does Mei have her own book deal, too?)

Spotted on DP&F.


  1. I actually thought the wipers and cat were on the same wide of the windshield! LOL Freaked me out a little lolol! Great vids!

  2. Sasha's Mum says:

    Is there a “cute or mean?” tag for the first one? (Only a tiny bit — and really, don’t cats just beg to be teased this way? Sort of the feline equivalent of pretending to throw the ball for dogs.)

  3. Such a pretty and silly kitty!

  4. Me: C’mon, just fall off already!

    Hey, I’m a rabbit, what can I say??

  5. phred's mom says:

    This windshield is as clean or cleaner than
    Mugumogu’s floors. Oh, those Japanese,
    raising the housekeeping bar yet again!

  6. So cuuuuuuute!! Mei needs her own blog, I could watch her all day! 😀

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  8. Coffee Cup says:

    Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax–HEY Y IT STOP?!

  9. Tony James says:

    “Fill ‘er up, premium, check the oil, clean the windshield, and oh yeah, simonize the cat.”

  10. 4leafclover says:

    Windshield swiper.

  11. Very cute/funny. 🙂

    But Lolcat language skills are a bit shocking, Meg! It should be “haz” not “has”, I´m afraid…..

  12. Gee, I am old since I remember it was a number of years ago in the US that you could go to a gas station and there was an attendant to clean the windshield.

    I think in the first vid when the hoomins were not looking, Mei reached down and adjusted the GPS to go to the noms store…..

  13. That’s it. I’m moving to Japan.

  14. whawhawhatsis says:

    You haven’t lived till you’ve been through the full treatment at a Japanese gas station. When I was there, they’d usher you into a waiting room and serve you tea while they gas you up, check the fluids, wash all the windows and clean any visible dirt off the car, and then when you were done they’d bow nearly to the ground and then run out into the street and stop traffic so you could drive off unimpeded. It’s worth the price of gas there for the show!

  15. Sounds like a surreal/cool experience. I’m sure I could afford the gas – it’s the trip to Japan that could be tricky lol

  16. Wiper no wiping!

  17. 😆 I just LOVE what you wrote, Tony James 😆

  18. Oregon. They still have full-service in Oregon. Best part about the annual car trip to Ashland from Seattle! 🙂

  19. I definitely want to go to Japan just to see that, whawhawhatsis 😀

  20. fieke engelen says:

    I WISH!!!