THIS JUST IN: We’ve Got The First Maru + Hana VIDEO!

Mugumogu finally cranked up the video cam, and here we go. FRESH off the YouTube Presses—like a MINUTE ago—-here it is!



  1. Awww, they are very gentle with each other.

  2. Maru-oniichan and his imouto Hana! Too cute! ❤

  3. Finally we get a video of the two of them! :3 totally worth the wait

  4. Wow! 😀

  5. Love little Hana rolling over on her back, and when Maru finally rolled over at the end–priceless! So glad they are loving each other. 🙂

  6. I love how kittens (and other baby animals) bounce crazily when they’re really wound up. Also, Maru belly ! ! !

  7. I am basically reduced to squealing. So undignified. All Cute Overload’s fault. Sigh. And eeeeeeee!

  8. Maru looks so big next to his sister! I LOVE how they play together – he’s so gentle with her. SQUEEEEE!

  9. Maru is like a parade float next to the bouncy grasshopper!

  10. and that comment goes on the ‘comments of the year’ list.

  11. SlaveToCat says:

    I’m gonna have a nervous breakdown if I can snuggle with the two of them this winter.

  12. Chibi-cat vs The Round

  13. The Original Jane says:

    Well there goes that sofa cushion…

  14. Yes! I call scratchingks!

  15. Maru, we’re so proud of you for being gentle with Hana.

  16. Ilikechocolatemilk says:

    Was anyone else rooting for Hana to jump on the Maru-belleh there at the end?

  17. I KNEW that The Round and Strange Creature would learn to love each-other. 😉

  18. Sigh…….

  19. The Original Jane says:

    Especially when the sound is turned up you can tell the claws are OUT!

  20. Aww Maru you are such a great big brother! 😀

  21. Totally!

  22. Lucythesplainer says:

    Maru is HUGE! Who knew? He looks so cute and tidy, and fits into boxes so well, it took seeing him next to another kitty to realize his ginormity!

  23. According to the Japanese caption on the site, this was only the 3rd day of Lil Hana in da house. Oh Maru you are too good!

  24. *clap clap*

  25. Double Adorabuhls!

    I am also so glad to see that neither of them is declawed (thank you, owner!!!) and nobody worries about the furniture. 🙂

  26. He is oh so gentle, yes! 🙂 Maru is a little gentleman.

  27. Declawing cats is illegal in a lot of countries and luckily Japan is one of them!

  28. Best friends forever! Fave part around 1:19 when Maru is all “play play play…oh wait, I need to sneef the arm of this couch…”

  29. phred's mom says:


  30. phred's mom says:

    I was waiting for it to

  31. Really the cuteness is epic. i am going to have a hard time working after that.

  32. Who’s got a big fuzzy belly then? Who? Maroooo is who!

  33. crashnandicoot says:

    it’s true. The parade float comment took my breath away!

  34. Oh yeah! And I was attacking vicariously. What a huge pile of tummy floof!!

  35. Perfect, just perfect 🙂

  36. Rump-shaking pre-“attack” AND bellies showing! So much to loff!

  37. I’m impressed how pristine this house always looks!

  38. petless in Puddletown says:

    “Pounce! Pounce! Pouncepouncepounce!
    Pounce! Pounce! Pouncepouncepounce!”
    (Me, chanting at my computer screen.)

  39. I’m so happy Maru has a playmate, or as I like to call Hana, The Assistant Cat. I got my hands on a copy of the interview that Maru conducted. Not just anyone gets to be Maru’s assistant, you know.

  40. Should be illegal in the U.S., too. Only recently found out what they actually DO to declaw a cat! 😯 “Declawing” is totally deceptive nomenclature. I still get sick thinking about it.

  41. Oh, THANK YOU for sharing!! This was a fantastic interview–I just want to snorgle them both even more! :mrgreen:

  42. So many spotted bellehs to snorgle, so many kittehs to huff, so little TIME!

  43. Oh, thank goodness, I am not alone!

  44. Yeah 😀