Stay Safe, Yosemite Friends

Yosemite National Park is enduring one of the worst fires in California history, and we hope it gets contained VERY soon. This little guy is park resident Chip McMunkster, and he’s found something tasty.


Meanwhile, this sqwerl (let’s call him Sam- Yosemite Sam, geddit?) is stocking up on paper napkins…just in case he needs them.

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Photo by TBH. Video spotted on DP&F. Video from



  1. ..sending healing thoughts to the Yosemite hoomins and critters, and the hoomins trying to stop the fire.. ohmmm ..

  2. The sqwerl cracks me up! What is he using all those napkins for–supper guests? Bed linens? Insulation? Curious peeps want to know!

  3. My guess is they will be turned into fluff for his/her nest.

  4. I wish we could send all the crazy rain from our region over to help them out. Stay safe, little furry friends (and non-furry humans).

  5. of course… Nature Rules.

  6. Sending prayers to all the animals in Yosemite and to the brave firefighters working to save them and their home.

  7. Yeah, nesting material.

  8. whawhawhatsis says:

    There was just a scary HUGE fire near where my daughter lives in Idaho, so I’m sending all the rain thoughts I can to Yosemite now, and anywhere else that’s having a fire. They are so unpredictable and terrifying! The firefighters who work on them? Are ALL candidates for the “I’m a Hero” page of the Brave Men (and Women) of CO Calendar!