Dogs With Jobs

On this Labor Day holiday in the US, let’s take time to remember all the hard-working puppehs out there!

From U-Zoo UK.



  1. read in a mag. about a veterinarian clinic in D.C. area, the vets. are military and non-military personal. They treat all dogs that work in military and police work, search an rescue, ect. Not only do all these wonderful people on staff care for physical needs but ALSO mental health. Depression, P.T.S.D.
    Left the magazine in our bedroom where hubby is sleeping in 🙂
    so not able to provide more info. on the actual place.
    Perhaps someone can provide more info. for us all here at C.O.

  2. P.S. it’s 10:30a.m. on the east coast as I write this.

  3. Love dogs so much!! (I just re-watched movie, “Must Love Dogs” the other day, by coincindence. 😀 )

  4. I loff dogs with jobs! My favorite is the Beagle Patrol (“protecting the farmers of America”) at the NYC airports. Sniffin’ around to make sure people aren’t bringing in salamis and stuff! 😀

  5. Love the Beagle Patrol!
    I love bunnies and kitties, but gotta say that in the helping humans category, the puppehs win paws down!

  6. Amen, brothah’ to the working dogs! In addition to the jobs mentioned in the video and comments, I have also heard of dogs that can smell cancer in things like urine or tissue, and that can tell when their human is about to have a seizure, or if their blood sugar is too high or too low–that is just freakin’ AWESOME! Just more ways they are truly a gift from God!