Ohai I Got Two Bunnies For You

You didn’t ask for two bunnies? Well, can I have ’em?

“I get so many smiles from your website and emails! Here is one that made me smile and go Awwww.” -Kim, on Imgur and for Friday Fuzzy



  1. Matchinks!

  2. Good thing this is a long weekend because I will have a cuteoverload hangover tomorrow after viewing this photo.

  3. Omg. That’s it I’ve died of cute.

  4. Being fluffy and cuddling with other fluffy things must be the best thing in the whole world

  5. This! So it kind of makes sense to keep them now, even if you didn’t order them.

  6. That’s the sweetest photo I’ve seen in ages! What a gentle soul.

  7. Tony James says:

    “MAI bunnehs! You cannot has!”

  8. Matchinks!

  9. Wups, sorry, didn’t see this was the first post [blushyface]

  10. Drink water.

  11. 🙂

  12. This needs to be a rule of cuteness!!!!

  13. Very sweet. I wonder if the doggeh thinks those are her bebehs.

  14. Squeeeeeeeeeee! Must snorgle prosh bebehs NOW! [takes deep calming breaths]

  15. Tell me about the rabbits, George.

  16. Hi Theo!!

  17. I don’t actually believe this goggie got these bunnies for me. Not for one second.

  18. In this case, I would suggest a hare of the dog.

  19. *breath-taking pun*

  20. I will hug them, and pet them and squeeze them. My own little bunny rabbits.

  21. Smartypants says:

    Don’t worry, one can never have too many matchinks!

  22. My Eskie, Kujo, did this when I had baby bunnies. When I would clean out their nest, I would put them on a towel and Kujo would cuddle them and cover them up with his fluffy neck fur so they would not get cold.

  23. You didn’t get to two bunnies for me. You got two bunnies and doggie for me! *glomps all of dem*

  24. Judging from their fur colour, the doggie appears to be their *real* daddy/mummy!

  25. Sasha's Mum says:

    Bunny-huffing. A sad addiction thought previously only to occur in hoomins.

  26. Rolling on the floor laughing. That is exactly what’s going on here. Bunny snorfing to the maximum capacity. It’s hopeless, nobuddy with this affliction has been cured.

  27. But, I DID ask for two bunnies. All the bunnies of the world, to be exact.