Cute Flavor of the Month: Koalas!

September is Save the Koala Month! When it comes to Koalas it seems that our far away friends are as popular as ever. With their population down over 50% it is time to get the word out now to keep these adorable cuties from becoming endangered. Happily, a lot is being done before it is too late!

Thanks for the alert and the link to the Australian Koala Foundation from sender-inner Gabrielle C., who tells us,  “There is much cuteness on there, so check it out!  The attached picture was taken over the summer at the Cleveland Zoo’s koala exhibit.”



  1. Is this Koala named Elton??

  2. The world is a better place with koalas in it!

  3. Oh, someone needs to get water and eucalyptus to these little babies, STAT. I can’t imagine a world without koalas.