Better Than a Blankie

Nobuddy understands me, except mah knotted rope toy.

“Future ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Fawkes “Futterbottom” von Ottoman



  1. *noms on fresh ears before tracylee gets to them*

  2. BEEP!

  3. Not even a dust bunny to play with…

  4. *thud*

  5. sugitomo is ON IT today!!!!

  6. *gasps* …too…cute…*thud*

  7. SlaveToCat says:

    Inhales all the puppy breaths.

  8. Go to his website, where there is much cuteness to faint from!

  9. canadianmary says:

    love the sweet puppeh face indeed….but it’s the EYEBROWS, my goodness, the EYEBROWS…..( thuds to floor as well)….

  10. Corgiiiii puppiiiiiiiii. 😀

  11. Stubbular the bebeh!

  12. You gotta lub the stub.

  13. That should be on a shirt with a corgi ❤