Yep, I’m a Biker Chick…

Just me and my ol’ man, out on the open road, groovin’ with nature…

I guess I’m just too wild to live in a doghouse…

Well, gotta split, man!

Stephanie M. : “I saw this dog (her name is Girlie) in a post office parking lot on vacation in Georgia. The owner said he once pulled into a rest stop and a gaggle full of tourists came barreling out of a bus. The bus driver said the passengers went nuts when they saw her on the highway and demanded he follow them, 50 miles out of their way until he happened to pull over.”



  1. The power of Cute compels you! The power of Cute compels you! The power of cute compels you to drive WAAAAY out of your way just to fawn over the cute. No one can escape! HeHe

  2. Smartypants says:

    Pink Doggles and a roll cage!

  3. macquills says:

    People do the same thing to us when I have my dog on the motorcycle. I started calling them Puparazzi. 😀

  4. I think the first picture deserves a “matchings” tag for the excellent spots + rivets.

  5. “If you can see this, the b**** fell off.”

    (Please forgive me)

  6. “shy guy, cute dog”

  7. Killer Klown says:

    Wild Dawgs

  8. Girlie needs a seat harness….otherwise super cute!

  9. she does’t look secure at all, all it takes is one moment of distraction and a dog can forget it is in a narrow seat, seen it happen before, even the best trained dogs can forget for just a moment when the distraction is strong enough (like a squirrel popping out in front of it and running across the street with dog in tow) a harness is a really good idea. other than that what a way to take your friend along when you don’t have a car or don’t want to use one.

  10. That explains why the GPS always seems to take us to the pet food store…..