Shocking Moment in an Owl’s Life

Who is always followed by a verb?!

Via Owls on Facebook



  1. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Who dat?

  2. Amazing camouflage I must say.

  3. Blorpy owl!

  4. emmberrann says:

    What kind of owl is that? I’m curious because a couple owls took up residence in a shed next to the house where I stayed this summer in Santa Fe. They were not more than 6″ tall, and very cute. We think that they may have been elf owls, but heck, we don’t know… Anyhoot, anyone out there know?

  5. Who in the world…wait…what?

  6. No, “Who” is not always followed by a verb: Who ELSE noticed this mistake? [adverb]

  7. A gentle skritch skritch on that darling forehead!

  8. Dog Lover says:

    I think I had her for 7th grade English. 🙂

  9. It might be an eastern screech owl. I have one in my backyard. I never see her but I hear her at night. They have a neat cry.

  10. Or a saw whet owl? They are small, too.

  11. rocinrobin says:

    Who indeed?

  12. Jeff Merrill says:

    Adult Eastern Screech-Owl (Gray morph)

  13. Jeff Merrill says:

    On second thought, it’s the Brown morph

  14. I know it’s not a saw-whet; they are even more diabolically adorable than this one!
    Rule of cuteness: Tiny, PO’d-looking things are cute! Come on, make it happen!

  15. PS For comparison, a saw-whet owl:

  16. Yes, who was it?

  17. Xtra Qte.

  18. Owl be round ♥