Caturday: Honey- Can U Hand Me A Roll Of Bounty?

We keep them on top of the cabinet..right next to the Toast.

“Toast isn’t allowed on the kitchen counter, but when she’s alone in the house, she can’t resist. She jumps right onto the counter, then up on the fridge, then up on the high shelves where we inevitably find her. Here she’s pretending to be a roll of towels. We love Cute Overload.” -Sarah M.


  1. Maureen from Canada says:

    My first (now dead) cat did this all the time – he would scare the begeebers out of me !

  2. AWW :( I am so sorry about the passing of your first cat, Maureen from Canada (my country as well :D ) :(

  3. All around the country all around the coast
    People always ask me what do you like most
    I don’t wanta brag, I don’t wanta boast
    I always tell ’em I like toast


  4. Heywood Banks…..My absolute favorite guy on The Bob & Tom Show!

  5. I see only rolls of paper towels up there. [ahem]

  6. 260Oakley says:

    It’s a secret cabinet meeting.

  7. *groan* :-)

  8. “.. isn’t allowed on the kitchen counter.” .. that’s a good one! Cats couldn’t care less about “allowed”, as we all know.

  9. That is so true, Mary (the first) :lol:

  10. Toast is the perfect name for this kitty – goes wonderfully with her coloring!

  11. kallisto73 says:

    I say! Toast is a super name for a kitty.

  12. I second that, kallisto73 :D

  13. So how many times have you gotten your dear sweet kitty, Toast, off that cabinet, Sarah M. :D


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