Friday Haiku Too: Mouse

Nom nom nom nom nom:
The Swiss mouse’s daily routine
‘Til he is all full

Photo by Etienne F., as seen on Mail Online.



  1. The Original Jane says:

    I knew a dormouse could be cute but now they’re going artsy on us? Beautiful photo.

  2. Oh, my sweet goodness
    Precious overloaded here
    With mouse, I will dream

  3. sabrina rose says:

    It’s a lovely gauzy photograph. It reminded me of Swiss embroidery, and I thought, “Aha, they have specially trained mice to do those tiny stitches!”

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Swiss mouse stays healthy
    By nibbling muesli, but
    Prefers Toblerone

  5. Betty Pickett says:

    Yes, I’m throwing some things together and will leave out of here when the traffic dies down. We’ll hve some fun this weekend. I’ll come back here Friday morning – in time for a 3:00 trio rehearsal. I’ll call you in a bit when I depart. Love you

    Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 20:23:53 +0000 To:

  6. phred's mom says:


  7. Kari Callin says:

    Climb the tall grain stalk
    Breakfast in the morning light
    My tummy is full!

  8. Pilates, yoga,
    Some elliptical —
    It’s important to cross-train.

  9. Smartypants says:

    Oops! At least it was nothing’ scandalous!

  10. I am but a mouse
    who loves to nibble muesli
    get outta my way

  11. Dreamy climbing mouse
    Do I see bellybutton?
    Oh it is too much!

  12. I, In field of gold
    With view most spectacular
    Will have much Nomming!