Friday Haiku: Snailing, Takes Me Away

Snails are small and slow
They deserve their own Haiku
Title from Chris Cross


From Benjamin W.’s Flickr, taken with a Nikon D3100 in Stoneygate, Leicester, England, GB.



  1. ShazzaNorth says:

    And in other news: Boy’s knee gives birth to snail.|hat|mommelink|8767-boy-discovers-snail-living-in-his-knee

  2. Those zoologists!
    Hard shell on squidgy bod
    Is a CRUSTacean

  3. Once A Fish says:

    Best haiku ever, by the brilliant Japanese poet Issa:

    O Snail,
    Climb Mount Fuji,
    Very, very slowly.

  4. I saw a snail in person for the first time in my life yesterday and i would have thought it was a leaf until i saw the sticky trail shining in the light! My boyfriend wanted to kill it but i told him it’s too cute =D

  5. Blue Footed Booby says:


  6. Bring me a snig and
    A puppy dog’s tail
    And I will create a boy

  7. I’m snailing away, set an open course for the virgin leaves….

  8. Dammit! Thanks

  9. Smartypants says:

    Noticing the photog’s watermark “Schnappischnap” – he definitely belongs here at CO!