Flashback Friday

If you go way back in time today, you’re in for a big surprise
If you go way back in time today, you better go in disguise.
For every kitten dressed in outfittin’ is gathered there as is befittin’
Today is the day the kitty cats have their picnic!

Kittens in costume at picnic lunch.” After we’re done eating, stick around for fireworks and the six-legged race!” Photo by Harry W. Frees – 1914. Via Shorpy.com



  1. AWW 😀 I would of picked up each dear sweet little kitty and taken those clothes off them before taking them home with me 😀

  2. A big tip o’ the hat for your lyrics! Well done, Pyrit!

  3. I have a children’s book with those cats in it! It might even have that picture. The kittens were called Buzz, Fuzz, Suzz, and Agamemnon.

  4. Cos today’s the day the pussy cats have their picnic.

  5. AWW 😀

  6. Holy Boxcat, er, peep. Hi Lauo! 😀

  7. Sweet! 🙂