Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

(Peering through magnifying glass) These two little peanut Nigerian Dwarf baby goats, known as kids, were born this spring to “Cupcake” & “Rodney” of the Goat Yard at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. If you are wondering what the kids’ names are, we are too! Anybody out there know?

UPDATE: We got names! Er, we got four names …er, which goes where we’re not totally sure  🙂

Cowboy..Rocket..Lilly..and Mabel.
(Everybody say, “Thank you, Brinke!” – singsong)




Via Zooborns.



  1. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I think their names should be “Mine” and “OThatsMineToo”

  2. OMG they are adorable! I think their names should be “Cute” and “Overload”!

  3. melissakfc says:

    inquiring minds want 2 know – sumbuddy call ’em n ask!!

    (203) 394-6565

  4. Clairdelune says:

    I second that!! 😀

  5. How about ‘Hugs’ and ‘Kisses’?

  6. i lilke the baby goat they are cute

  7. oh my goodness!!!! they are just too adorable! just to cute for words.

  8. Great names. Can I come visit them at your house? Where do you live? *shifty eyes*

  9. wordphreak says:

    ohhhh, that has always irritated me. The baby goats are deliciously adorable, but it’s “Honey, I SHRANK the kids.” (I know, I blame Disney)

  10. Don’t forget Faintly!

  11. mini me is much batter roflup.com

  12. For some weird reason, I see their names as Honey and BooBoo…….but these 2 are way too cute for that….

  13. Surely is it Vanilla and Chocolate, as in Cupcake.

  14. Oh it makes me miss the three Nubian kids born on our farm in Veneta!

  15. My pet peeve is “snuck”. Arrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!

  16. I nominate (or just nom nom) Sprinkles and Ganache

  17. mine is “drug”, it’s dragged, dagnabbit!

  18. Update! According to a zoo offishe phone answerer helpfuls person, the names are Cowboy..Rocket..Lilly..and Mabel. Yay!

  19. I love goats. They are complex, emotional animals (that can turn into jerks at the drop of a hat!) Holding baby goats until they fall asleep is probably the best thing in the world. I work at a goat micro-dairy now, but I hope to be able to have my own spring-loaded kids one day.

  20. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    You can haz supervised visits, First, the car keys..

  21. Thanks for making that call! Wait…… 2 kids, 4 names?