Shhhhh, I Theenk I’m Being Followed

My impending tail of doom sense is tingling! It’s right behind me isn’t it?

“This is Pickles. She’s a PomaPoo. She’s cute and she owns me and my husband. Her only pet peeve is her own tail, which curls up her back. A lot of her time is spent trying to punish the tail.” -Alice R.



  1. OMG! She looks JUST LIKE my neighbor’s dog, Inky!

  2. Those eyes are deadly cute! I need a video of Pickles in full on tail punishment mode, please.

  3. Love the name!

  4. I feel so proud! This is my baby 🙂 I’m so glad she made it on CO!!

    I have some videos of Pickles, but not in tail chase mode, on my youtube page 🙂

  5. petless in Puddletown says:

    The video “Pickles Playing Fetch” is hilarious/disturbing… I feel for those cats.

  6. We police her pretty well. She was only about 4 months old when we did that video. She’s a year an half now. She’s a lot better, promise 🙂

  7. rescue gal says:

    Her version of “sit” is hilarious!!! I don’t know how you get anything done with face looking at you.

  8. We basically never do! She’s got a big case of the insanely cutes 🙂

  9. Dog Lover says:

    I am in loff with Pickles!! Alice, please say hello to my soul, as Pickles has captured it. What a little loff muffin!!! 🙂

  10. I’ll make sure she takes good care of it 🙂