Orkin’ In The Galapagos (Updated!)

Cue Kathleen C.: “Near the end of our Galapagos Islands trip, we went to a beach where legend has it, a giant colony of Blorp Pillows resides. We added some artistry to the scene & built a big old sand sculpture. Wouldn’t you know it, a sea lion comes floppin’ over and decides to have a nap. On our sculpture.


“Here is the colony. We R not kidding. All the way up and down the beach, the Blorp Pillows were “just lion around.” Our ears were ringing with Ork, Ork, Ork, but it was so worth it.”


“The main port was awash with sea lions. This one was stealing freshly-caught fish right off the market counter with a “Humph” on its face.”


“These two pups were rolling all up and down the beach, playing with each other. We saw plenty of wildlife but the sea lions were the best.”





  1. I went there last year. The sea lions never get old. Well, they may get geriatric, but not tiresome.

  2. Seriously, that second pic looks just like Jones Beach in August.

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    awwww someone misses his nap time with Mom.


  5. ooo, good one.

  6. I just LOVE the cutie pie in pic #3. That expression is priceless. But I’d buy a couple buckets of fish for him, just because he’s cute. How much does a bucket go for these days?

  7. hehe .. My beagle has that same look on his face .. right after stealing my cheese burger off the table. *WHAT? ME? NO way .. It was the cat” (and we don’t have a cat at the moment.

  8. First pic is obvy a planned shot of Mr. Blorp spooning with his galpal Sandy for the benefit of the paparazzi.
    TMZ is constantly photographing the couple they named “Slorp”.

  9. (snerk!) I remember that look on several furry faces from my childhood. Our Meezers were REALLY good at blaming swiped food or trinkets on the dog. Which we also didn’t have at the moment!

  10. Blorp pillows make me happy. That is why I will stand on the pier in SF for 20 minutes, just listening to them.

  11. HAW!

  12. Absolutely!

  13. …just choked on my green pepper. Good one!

  14. Me too! They are Blorptastic. 🙂

  15. I wanna blorp peelow!