Everyone’s Cousin Bob After a Big Meal

“… which reminds me of the time your cousin Maude and I drove to Mount Rushmore. We didn’t have that fancy GPS dingus like you kids these days, so it wasn’t until we hit Arizona that I realized…”


“… and the stench was unbearable. Now, I enjoy the smell of burning leaves as much as the next fellow, but this was too much, so I marched across the street and gave that no-good bum a piece of my…”


Laurie S. says: “This is Stanley after a hard day in the office with me! Too cute! Stanley is now 14.5 years old, still plays like a puppy, he still amazes me. When he gets tired now, his tongue droops down, other than that you would never now he is as old as he is.”



  1. Or Jimmy Kimmel’s Uncle Frank; when they had company, he would go to bed early, then come out every half hour in his pajamas and say “Chippy!? Did you pay the water bill?”

  2. Aw, Stanley, you are such a cutie! Wish you could come to work with me! Continued good health and happiness to you, buddy!

  3. HEY ,. when did you take my picture .. that’s what I look like after a day at work!

  4. “Hey you kids, get off of my lawn…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  5. Awww, I love Stanley!! At my last job, people were allowed to bring their dogs to work, so I had doggeh co-workers to snorgle when things got stressy. Which was often.

    The dog-friendly policy trumps my 4-minute commute as the thing I miss most about my last job. I now have a 25-minute commute (on a good day), and if I could get back either the easy-peasy commute or the canine co-workers, I would choose the doggehs every time. I now have a puppeh of my own—the world’s sweetest pup—but I still miss those dogs from my last job!

  6. “…other than that you would never now he is as old as he is.”

    Well, the glasses are kind of a giveaway, don’tcha think?

  7. Shaggy dog stories, perhaps???

  8. The eyelashes! The eyelashes! OMG!

  9. Eyelashes ? How can you tell which is fur and which are the lashes ?

    All I see is a lovable ball of fur w/glasses ..

  10. Stanley is so lovable! Love the educated look! Denise