Sasha Goes Shopping

I LOVE coming to Bed Bath & Beyond. Lessee, I want a few of those little solar lights you stick in the ground, an Original Baby Bullet™ Steamer, some Pet Head™ Fur Ball Detangling Spray for Dogs, a few of those Plink things they have at the register, yep, that’ll do!




Sasha’s hoomin is Kendra, many thanks for the photo op.



  1. mrgrnforever says:

    Ahh! Too cute!

  2. sabrina rose says:

    A shopper after my own hear. Fill up that cart with impulse purchases, then go out for lunch and have ice cream! Wish I could find YOU at BB&B!

  3. This is inconsiderate and illegal, not to mention possibly distracting or dangerous for working service dogs and their handlers. My service dog has been barked at and others have actually been attacked by pets that shouldn’t be in there. These snuck-in pets are one major reason we get scrutinized and stopped our LEGITIMATE, trained service dogs. UGH.

  4. That’s not BB&B . .but they do have doggeh stuff at BB&B !

  5. Yep, I bought those Plink things for mah kitchen. Only I got the at the Christmas Tree Shop. All hail The Tree!!!

  6. Maybe mom was on her way to an out-of-town dog show and it was 90˚ outside and she had to run in for a special order combination dog bed and trophy case?

  7. These photos are cute, but I am wondering as well, why people are now allowed to bring their pets into stores. Service dogs are fine, but I saw a guy at a major hardware store just walking around with his great dane or boxer and I had to stop and do a double take. He certainly was not a service dog or one in training because neither was wearing anything that identified them as trainer or trainee.
    It really is not safe for our pets to be carried around all sorts of places as if they are children. And I certainly do not advocate leaving them in cars at all but don’t take your pets (no matter what species) to locations that are meant for people only. You may love as children (I know I do) but think of their safety as well as others safety. Enough said…..

  8. That’s not an excuse. Put your dog first, there’s no “need” to do that. Bring the dog home. It’s not fair to exploit and trample on the rights of people who rely on their service dogs to get around. It’s bad enough getting stopped and grilled about your legit service dog when all you want is to get your stuff done like everyone else. But getting barked at, distracted, possibly attacked and blamed for pet “accidents” just because of selfish owners who get a thrill out of sneaking their pets in is just stupid.

  9. phred's mom says:

    When working in a hardware store I was
    helping a customer in the plumbing dept.
    He was accompanied by his Doberman,
    who (which?), as soon as I picked up
    the piece of sink drain pipe the man
    wanted, grabbed my arm in his mouth.
    Doggeh was obviously seeing this as
    a threat. This view was mutual. Not good.
    Man did not apologize, either. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    Could we get a close up and multiple angles of the guy in the Red Shirt.

  11. Dog Lover says:

    Has anybody mentioned how freaking adorable Sasha is? Whether or not she should be in that store is another issue entirely (and personally, I’m fine with her being there) but man, what a little cutie pie!! 🙂

  12. Looks like the HBA section of my local BB&B. And I can’t read the top line of text in the sign at the front of the cart, but it looks like it’s in the typeface BB&B uses.

    Anyway, I just came in to see whether anyone had identified Sasha’s breed. She is very cute, whether or not she is contraband in that particular place. Anyone?

  13. Exactly! I loff her regardless.

  14. I see what you’re saying. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to have your service dog and I hope you can enjoy it for years to come.

    I never suggested that people bring their dogs into stores for “thrills” but to consider dogs first on hot days and true emergencies.

  15. A service dog is a blessing but it’s not something to enjoy. It would be better to be healthy and not disabled. But it is what it is. I know you didn’t suggest the thrill thing, but people do do that. Just frustrating. 😛

  16. Sadly leaving your pet at home is not always an option for everyone. I for example have to drive by train (I do not own a car) to the next town for a lot of errands and my dog can’t stay alone at home for several hours in a row, so my only option is to take him with me. Now, I am not taking him into groceries stores, as that’s simply not allowed here (I know it’s no where, but people would just throw you out and not take photos and post them on Cute Overload if that happened here), but my only option is to leave him unattended in front of the store, something I utterly HATE, especially seeing as how often some certain breeds of dogs simply get stolen. Some stores don’t even have any place where I could tie his lash to! And I really really hate to do this. Ever since I have a dog I am just RUNNING through groceries stores to get out again as soon as possible, because every minute he is standing alone in front of the store and who-knows what-happens I am not feeling well.
    Therefore I take him with me into every store where it is not explicitly forbidden.
    I wish there was some better solution for this, but in many circumstances there just isn’t.

  17. A rant this long would never be allowed except I agree. I am exercising my Tim Gunn Moderator powers.

  18. I know for a fact that Lowe’s allows people to bring their pets into the store with them. I took my dog in there tons of times when my mom worked there. It’s possible that dogs are allowed in the store this person is in. Even if they aren’t in the same store in other areas, different areas have different rules. A service dog passing a dog in a store should be no different than a service dog passing a dog on the street. If the service dog can’t deal with it, then maybe the dog needs more training. Where I used to work, there was a woman who was blind and had a seeing eye dog. On my days off, I would take my dog to work to visit. I made sure my dog did not approach the service dog, but the service dog wasn’t the least bit bothered by the presence of my dog. And it really isn’t illegal, even if the store doesn’t allow it. Possibly against health codes in a restaurant, but still not illegal.

  19. If it’s allowed that’s one thing but if it’s not that’s another. But part of owning a pet is making arrangements for these things. It’s just part of having a non-human kid. 🙂

  20. Yikes! Hope he didn’t squeeze?

  21. Hopefully you guys understand I don’t mean to sound harsh it just really is a huge pain getting questioned and basically treated badly because of bad experiences some shops have had before. I’ve don’t it in the past too, never realized it could bother anyone before. 🙂

  22. Amen.