Newborn Giraffe: Six Foot High and Rising!

A Rothschild’s Giraffe calf standing 6′ tall was born on Aug. 20 at Paignton Zoo in England: The tallest baby in the world! No confirmation yet whether it’s a girl or a boy. AND, guess who doesn’t have a NAME yet?! What do you think? Mama’s name is Janica and Dad’s name is Yoda …unnhh wasn’t Yoda the short dude …I’m thinking no way he’s the da – oh well!!!


Staring at you, dear readers, daring you to turn away…

…at you own peril!

Sender-inner Carol B. wants to make sure we noticed the “massive babeh giraffe disapproval!” OK, she hadn’t had her coffee yet. Via Zooborns



  1. Tim McDaniel says:


  2. Kari Callin says:

    Disgruntled baby giraffe judges you! Maybe she’s got a headache from the drop into the world? There, there not-so-wee baby! It’s great out here! 😀

  3. That deserves some high-dives:

  4. Love the little “grumpy lips”.
    Like a really, really big Bambi.

  5. fleurdamour says:

    He looks like Riddick: Rule the Dark.

  6. I think San Francisco Giants fans agree that this giraffe’s name should be Brandon, regardless of gender.

  7. doomchild says:

    That’s definitely a daddy back there, and he’s not very short. *ahem*
    As for the baby, I’d squee and drop ded but I think the bebeh would disapprove… and I think he should be named Stripes.

  8. (Y’know, my giraffe anatomy isn’t the best but I was thinking there was a daddy in that photo, too!) Gorgeous bebeh!! Should be named Elvis, cuz of that curled-lip-sneer.

  9. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Wow. Don’t let the rabbits see this. They would be ashamed that their disapproval has been outdone by such a young one!

  10. “Giraffe” is “twiga” in Swahili. S/he is English: howzabout “Twiggy”?

  11. Jed Tinsel says:

    Sad to say the calf was found dead this morning 😦

  12. All I can think of is “Knobby”! (i.e. knobbular!)

  13. That is the greatest vid evar. 😀

  14. Yeah, there are some basic bits of anatomy that don’t vary THAT much. 😉

  15. Oh, no!


  17. looks like a Theodore to me

  18. OMG-he/she does have Riddick eyes! Never noted till you mentioned it.

  19. Yodanica's humble subject says:

    And it shall be called…Yodanica.

  20. Dog Lover says:

    This saddens me greatly. It’s such a loss for all of us who care about animals. 😦

  21. What kind of minds even think of something like this? Did the guy have a dream after watching the Olympics? How could diving and giraffes possibly be thought of in the same context? My mind boggles at the creativity and ingenuity!