THESE JUST IN: For #NationalDogDay

“For (National) Dog Day, here’s one of my personal all-time favorites. I took it with a really wide angle lens and the dog was a few inches from the lens. His name is Charcoal.” – The Furrtographer.


“Just wanted to pass along some pictures of Pixel, our Boston Terrier, enjoying a Greenie snack. He’s learned to use his cone as a serving tray. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as he enjoyed the snack (though, as you can tell from his expression in the pictures, I’m not sure that’s possible!)” -Claudia D.





  1. Coffee Cup says:

    A cone and a cast. What happened to Pixel?!

  2. Poor puppeh! At least he has greenies to distract him from his woes…

  3. #2 is just SCREAMING “GIVE EM !!!”
    Please puppy .. Put your eyes back in your head .. hehe

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    Candidate for the ResQte Calendar of hot men… SPCA dude rescuing puppies from a criminal raid on a dog-fighting ring.

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    OMG I thought he was eating a pet frog.

  6. Yeah, so cute! The pups are adorable too.

  7. Smartypants says:

    Pic # 1 – “SQUIRREL!”

  8. Smartypants says:

    They’ll have to make it a page-a-day calendar, there are so many candidates!

    Those poor dogs (pic. # 2 is hard to look at) – so glad they have been rescued!

  9. I seen that, and because it’s not Cute, I won’t mention how I would handle the dog-fighting idiots.. But the dogs would be well feed.

  10. Sharon Wilson says:

    I thought only bunnehs and hammehs liked greenies!

  11. Pixel had a bit of fall and ended up breaking his paw. But his vet has been so wonderful. He’s 80% healed up! He’ll be out of the cone and cast in 3 weeks (and yes, he’ll be getting tons of love and treats in the meantime)!