Crawlin’ With NORM

NORM LOGONorm Lopez AKA Sacramento’s favorite round kitteh is hosting a pub crawl, this Saturday August 31st.

A total of 5 locations at 45 minutes each. Raffle tix proceeds benefit the Front Street Animal Shelter.

Norm’s got his own shirt- you can get it by clicking on the logo. A portion of the T-shirt sales also go to Front Street.



Photo 1 from Norm’s FB. Photo 2 and 3 from Martin Christian Photography.



  1. Kitty has a great choice in beer! Arrogant Bastard is the best beer.

  2. Reminds me of Norm on Cheers, where everybody knows his name!

  3. crashnandicoot says:

    Sorry to be negative, but a fat cat is not a healthy cat nor a cute cat. Please put Norm on a diet, immediately. The list of ailments of an overweight cat is too long to include here.

  4. I agree–Norm should have a vet visit for guidance on how to help him safely lose weight.

  5. Ditto

  6. This is the same well-meaning busybody mentality that had the lady in the story grabbing this cat from in front of his house and taking him to a shelter, without even bothering to check with the neighbors to make sure the cat wasn’t local. If it hadn’t been for the facebook page, who knows what would have happened? Do you truly think you are the first people to notice that the cat is overweight? Do you think his owner is so incredibly neglectful that she wouldn’t try and deal with this issue? I agree that some owners are, but it hardly seems to be the case here. Yes, the cat is fat, and it’s not healthy in principle, but you have no idea of the details of that situation. I have a friend who had an incredibly fat cat (he kept stealing food from his cat-brother and was very sneaky about gorging himself without any breaks). They’ve had him on special diet food for years, and he’s losing, but it’s slow going. So please don’t assume that you know better. This is between the cat and his owner.

  7. Catnip Ale .. That cat is SOOOOOO wasted ..

  8. Hello 🙂
    In the original CO post, Norm’s hoomin mentioned she has him on diet food. So she is indeed trying to help this roundular floofy ball of love. As the owner of a spherical kitteh myself, getting him under control in a home where another kitteh is underweight, has proven a challange. One never knows what circumstances are going on at a hoomin’s home, so when peeps comment in a not-good way about my tubbeh tabbeh, it hurts my feelings a lot. Like Norm, my kitteh is loved beyond reason.

  9. So true! When I read posts about Norm I hear everyone in the bar yelling NORM! in my brain particles everytime I read his name.

  10. Coffee Cup says:

    The owner has Norm on a diet already, according to various articles that have been published. You can think a cat is cute without denigrating its owner and being judgmental. You wouldn’t tell a child “you’re not cute because you’re fat” and yell at his or her parents, would you? Geesh.

  11. Miss Kitty says:


  12. Yeah, and what if the owner was fattening him up for Thanksgiving?!


  13. TOTES.

  14. It’s the fatty kitty shaming committee.

  15. Exactly. You guys are fat shaming a CAT.

  16. Maddie1701e says:

    According to the facebook page, he IS on a diet. But if dieting were easy, we would all be thin. It takes time.

  17. Catherine Doo says:

    Norm Lopez reminds me of Jackie Gleason. So here’s a quote: 

    If you have it and you know you have it, then you have it. If you have it and don’t know you have it, you don’t have it. If you don’t have it but you think you have it, then you have it.


  18. 😆

  19. 😆 Yep 😆 AWW 😀 I wish I could go and see Norm the kitty in person 😀

  20. he’s not fat he’s purrrrfect LOL

  21. Correction!!!! What makes people think that the owner doesn’t know the size of their cat! I think rude people should keep their rude comments to themselves! I bet we could all find something wrong with each of you too! Would you like it aired on social media as well?

  22. CO Road Trip!

  23. Between you and me, the number of too-skinny and starving beings is much worse.

  24. phred's mom says:

    Lecturing folks about the obvious,
    especially adult folks, is tiresome.
    Knock it off, we all know he’s
    overweight. We all know the
    ramifications of excess weight.

  25. Still prefer Maru, no compete!!!

  26. It’s really hard to control the diet of an outdoor cat. I’m sure the whole neighborhood feeds him.

  27. crashnandicoot says:

    I stand by my comment. Cats can’t put themselves on a diet! And I don’t approve of posting an overweight cat’s photo like it’s a good thing. He’s a very handsome cat but I worry about his little heart.

  28. he’s adorable, such a sweetie