Check Out This Chrome “Pug-In”

This is REDONK. If you use the Google Chrome browser, install this plug-in– go to any site with a photo, and then click the plug-in’s logo on your browser bar.

Voila! Instant Pugs. (Refreshing the page makes ’em disappear, but who wants to do that?)

Perfect for National Dog Day. From Cuteporter Kevin M. Headline idea totally stolen from



  1. I LOVE this, LOL! And I’m already spending WAAAAY too much time playing with it!

  2. I have a similar Chrome extension that replaces all those pesky Facebook baby photos with cat photos. I haven’t seen a baby pic on Facebook in months! Glorious!

  3. It’s not a plug-in, it’s a PUG-in. 🙂

  4. (I live in that happy place too. Are we horrible?)

  5. phred's mom says:

    No, eminently sane.

  6. We’re in the right place.