The Brothers Grimm: Bunny Version

Once Upon A Time in the faraway land of Instagram, two brothers dedicate their lives to the storytelling of great folk tales.








“For your submishe considerayshon! AHHHHNNNN! non nom nom.” -Gabrielle G., ‘Grabbles’. Via DailyMail



  1. Martha in Washington says:

    I think I like these Bun Versions better than the originals!! (I would like to see Bunderella’s Glass Slipper though!)
    Little Red Riding Hood made me snort, eh!

  2. HA ! Last pic is a Bun Bun !!! Bwahahahahaha!

  3. Oh thank goodness. I was just having an awful time dealing with some yuck. This site NEVER fails to cheer me up when things just suck. I was like, “Go look at CO, go look at CO.” And I did and sure enough there were pictures of adorable bunnies and fun things to read from people who are lovely instead of dreadful! I really, really, really love this site!

  4. Glad you’re feeling better. ^_^

    In that last picture, I’m not entirely sure if that is the front or the back of that bunneh?

  5. I think I can see an eye and a floppy ear, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it! 😛

  6. In the Little Red Riding Hood photo…. Yay! for Canada! 🙂 I’ll be traveling there with my family in a couple of weeks. 🙂

  7. Smartypants says:

    Aw, QoD, I hope your day continues to look up. Sending happy thoughts!

    JenDeyan, I think that’s the front end (with the tuft at far left being an ear)…but I wouldn’t bet money on it!

  8. Smartypants says:

    Oh, that’s my fave pic with the ear poking thru the hat…have fun in Canada!

  9. I’ve been sharing your stuff on facebook most days. Love it!

  10. 260Oakley says:

    “Rabunzel, Rabunzel, let down your hare!”

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s not sure.

  12. theoriginalmel says:

    The Disapproval of Riding Hood

  13. Having an extra fluffy bun myself, I can attest that, yes, that IS the front! 🙂

  14. *laughing hysterically w/ Mudbug*

  15. It’s the front! He’s a lion head, so is extra fluffy – and yep, that’s an ear 🙂

  16. Ah! Eddy & Rambo are my favourites!

  17. In case anyone else was curious, “Bunny Mad” ( 5th pic) is a real magazine! Published twice yearly in the UK. They sell gifts, too. Can any Brits tell me what a “car road tax holder” would be?

  18. It’s the envelope thingy that sticks on the inside of the windscreen to hold the card that shows you paid the road tax. British bunnies disapprove of them.

  19. phred's mom says:

    Road tax? Is that the equivalent of
    U.S. registration stickers?

  20. Lucy's mommeh says:

    I just recently tried fostering a lion head bun. It seems that timothy hay is a VERY BAD THING for me to be around. I even tried oat hay. I was so miserable. Had to hand her back. Glad I didn’t go with the buying one plan. She was so sweet & snuggly. 😩

  21. Oh no that’s so annoying! My boyfriend had the same issue with grass hays – he had to get a vaccine shipped to Australia all the way from France, crazy!

  22. 260Oakley says:

    … must learn how to read hovertexts on my iPad.

  23. Well, anything a _bunny_ disapproves of… 😉 but it was a very cute tax holder!

  24. I can’t imagine my life w/out bunnies (or any other anipals)! I iz sad for you. ;'(