“And then I felt a little …something.”

“I heard my Mom scream,”LIZARD!” I went to grab him and he darted behind my legs, and I lost him. My mom is freaking out, my stepfather is cracking up, and I’m trying to find the sucker. And then I felt a little… something…

The little bugger scooted up the inside of my pant leg and attached himself to my rear. I reached down the back of my pants and grabbed him, while my parents went into hysterics. I also grabbed my camera to photograph him before letting him outside. He seemed quite pleased with himself!” -Kimberly S.



  1. *chomp chomp* I supposed it I had to have anything attaching to that area, it might as well be this cute of a little guy.

  2. He was probably trying to “bum” a ride…

  3. I do think we need to get to the bottom of this…

  4. I like big butts,and I cannot lie!

  5. phred's mom says:

    …and of course, you gave him, erm,
    the bum’s rush. *cof, cof*

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    I’m glad your story came to a happy end. (-:

  7. Love this. Thanks for the picture. I swear if the roof was falling in, I would take a picture before I ran outside!

  8. Lucy's mommeh says:

    And here we see the specialized dupa anole.

  9. Nobody’s made a Finding Nemo reference yet? “I touched the butt”?

  10. Perhaps he fancies himself a rear admiral.

  11. Sorry to reply to myself, but …

    a rear admiral commanding the poop deck.

  12. Hollah!

  13. Wash your hands, Kim! Salmonella!

    I once cornered a gecko or anole, or whatever the little green guy was, in my dad’s kitchen in Florida, and scooped him up; he immediately chomped down on my hand, which was a peculiar feeling because I couldn’t feel his teeth– they are tiny, like little sawteeth. I kind of felt bad for being so heavy-handed (literally) with the little guy, so as I carried him out to the yard, I said stuff like “Ohhhh my, what a big scawwy lizard! I am thoroughly intimidated!”

  14. Believe it or not we ended up with a pet Anole in almost the same manner. Made a bee line for the hall closet when we opened the front door on a cool March day. She wouldn’t leave. Thus we came to have Izzie. They’re great little animals. They have tons of personality.

  15. And he looks quite proud of himself. Ha-cha! Gotcha! Cute little thing.

  16. And here I was, wondering what it was that I liked about New England. No lizards up your pants!!

  17. Beats stuffing a ferret or two down your pants.

  18. “Where did the lizard go??”

  19. Quick .. Someone call the Gator Boys .. he looks like he’s gonna attack

  20. great little story, thanks for posting it 8D

  21. Does it look like the leezard is bursting into song like Michigan J Frog?

  22. *Ribbit*

  23. Best story evar!!

  24. Smartypants says:

    He looks awfully pleased with himself! Great job getting that picture – I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the presence of mind.