Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

Today we learned how to go camping. First we set up our tent.

Then we listened to scawwy storreeeez!

“Cat’s name: Irony (That is not a typo. We actually named our little Himalayan after a literary device.)” -Tricia F



  1. Now it’s time for the tuna fish and liver pate smore’s. Then, bath time and crawling under the sleeping bags to sleep for 17 hours.

  2. The glamorous and beautiful Irony is obvy glamping.
    I am lost in those lovely blue eyes.

  3. Any room in that tent for me?

  4. Good idea! Let’s go camping with kitty! I’ll bring the bug spray!

  5. hehe, Now I have to go listen to the “hello muddah, hello fadduh” skit. 🙂

  6. whawhawhatsis says:

    Yeah, thanks for the earworm, Pyrit…..:D

  7. Personally, I’m having Cat Withdrawal so badly that I almost began to hyperventilate. Really. I miss being bossed about by a cat in my house. 😦

  8. What a sweet face!

  9. And I suddenly know the breed of the cat I’m petsitting. Gorgeous gray-and-cream fur with blue eyes. She’s a beauty, and very friendly.

  10. The eyes grabbed me, too–beauteous! Love Himalayans.

  11. OMG. It´s Baby Grumpy Cat! 😀

  12. AWW 😦 I am sure you will find a kitty or two or more who would be more than happy to boss you around your house, Queen of Dork 🙂

  13. AWW 😀 Irony is a dear sweet kitty you have, Tricia F 😀

  14. Thank you!!! She’s honestly the best kitty in the world!