THIS JUST IN: Bundle of Panda Joy

Mama Panda Mei Xiang’s water broke at 3:36pm EST at the Smithsonian National Zoo and we are proud to announce she delivered at 5:32pm! We. Have. A. Cub! Proud Panda Dad Tian Tian was last seen giving out ceegars!

There’s a bit of a line forming at the PANDA CAM. Looks like everyone is sending their best wishes. More info 2 come! Stand by the Panda tweet feed!

Visit the Smithsonian National Zoo Facebook page and share the joy.


OK, now don’t faint or anything, but we got VIDEO of the BIRTH-EO, riiiiight here:

A Super Shout Out and Grand Panda Thank You to superfast Cuteporter Nicole K. who says, “Will you please get a load of that cute little squirmy hairless panda?!?  Mei Xiang is an excellent mom—she immediately picked up the cub and has been cradling it ever since.”, and our own Brinke! Photo: Astrid Riecken/The Washington Post


  1. YAY! Actually Pyrit, the quote you have listed above as from the National Zoo is actually from me in my email. The Zoo is waaay more cool than I am and write with professional-sounding, media-savvy, scientific language. I on the other hand, use words like “squirmy” and “hairless”. Ha. (And Brinke, that was FUN! I felt like I was a reporter “on assignment” calling in play by plays, and you were HQ giving me orders. Fun!) 🙂

    Here is a link to the video of the birth. You can actually hear the cub squeak!

  2. NIKKI!!! It’s pandamonium and it IS FUN!
    We are happy to give you credito for the quote, and well, everything.

  3. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I never cease to be amazed at how tiny they are compared to mom.

  4. It was like real time reporting or something! Quite a rush. You guys are super fast there at CO HQ! Smooches all around. 😀

  5. At first I thought Mom gave birth to a Kong toy.

  6. This just in from the Zoo’s press conference: Officials say that there is a possibility that another cub could be born in the next 24 hours. Pandas frequently give birth to twins so they are monitoring Mei Xiang to see if she will have another cub.

  7. stay on eet, Nickster! U know where we are!

  8. 🙂

  9. Omigerd, omigerd, omigerd!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you for posting this video Nikki! I know you’ll be the first to tell us if there’s a twin! Keep us posted!

  11. Alas, no twin. Evidently, panda twins are very common in pandas, and she continued to have contractions for a few hours after the cub was born, but it turns out she was not carrying a second cub. The Zoo is going to examine the cub within the first 48 hours to be sure he/she is healthy (they usually don’t do an exam this early, but sadly, our cub last year only lived 6 days) and they have been training with panda scientists in China on the procedure for such an early exam. As always, the Washington metro area is all abuzz.

  12. Such an amazing vid. It made my eyeballs leak it is so beautiful.

  13. emmberrann says:


  14. Smartypants says:

    Great reporting Nikki!

  15. LOL!

  16. It really is incredible! If all humans had to do is squirt out a little worm I might have been more open to having kids… hmmmm. maybe that deterrent is there for a reason!

  17. right? im glad i wasnt the only one. i rewound it 3 times, rather horrified.

  18. Zoo update: at 7:29 pm Saturday, Mei Xiang gave birth to a second cub. Sadly though, it was stillborn. So sad. The little one born yesterday however is squeaking away and Mei is taking great care of her baby.