Pigeon Boot Camp

“Listen up, maggot! Your tailfeathers are mine for the next six months! You ain’t in your mama’s nest anymore, where you roll out at noon! In this man’s army, we get up with the chickens! Now get pecking, that’s an order!”

Anry says: “Went to Milan for a few weeks and walked upon a pair of snogging pigeons, was very much amused.”



  1. Get pecking, that’s an order. Very good. Interesting that Anry saw snogging where NTMTOM saw berating.

  2. Anybody else think of the Goodfeathers Pesto and Squit?

  3. From the movie Full Feather Jacket……

  4. Love this! Great caption.

  5. I would love a trip to Milan. The Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele, La Scala, The Last Supper . . . and snogging pigeons? I can just open my window and see snogging pigeons!