Friday Haiku: Turtles

Four bebeh turtles
Headed out for a sea splash
No life preservers?

One more from IB. Photo from Chris Johnson.



  1. metsakins says:

    Four bebeh turtles
    Causing me to squee out loud
    brain is now melting

  2. Flight wings extended
    Turtles fly in the water
    Ready for takeoff

    Take off for new worlds
    I hope for you a long life
    Cute little buggers


  3. Flappy wee flippers
    Follow the call of the sea
    Which way did he go

  4. Turtles make patterns,
    Like the June Taylor Dancers.
    Now, back to our show.

  5. Don’t like Hemingway
    Except his classic ‘Old Man
    And The Sea Turtles’

  6. Where’s Splinter?

  7. omg that is so cute

  8. stacy j s says:


  9. rocinrobin says:


  10. I’m bound for moving on
    I’ll look for you
    If I’m ever back this way

  11. *sung to the tune of “Four Strong Turts”

  12. I can’t haiku. I’m too concerned with their well-being. Please please don’t be eaten by angry sea birds! Flip, flip for your lives!

  13. PS. Did you see the back-of-the-neck wrinkles! Did you see them. Now scoot you angry seabirds.
    My favourite wild animal is the sea turtle. Can you tell.)

  14. Smartypants says:

    LOL that was my first thought too – where are their teeny superhero masks?

  15. Kari Callin says:

    Flipping to water
    Scurry, scurry, hurry, quick
    watch out for sea gulls!


  17. He’s like “WHOA!”

  18. ❤ Theresa ❤

  19. First, you were like, whoa!!
    And then we were all like, WHOA!!!
    Then you were like, whoa.

    Hang ten little dudes
    On those Australian currents
    Totally Righteous!