Русские сделать это снова! (Russians Do It Again!)

Fascinating look here at some Russian Kittehs that we might otherwise nevah get to see. Kudos to Cuteporter Mira A., and thanks for the headline! What say you, Mira?

“I would like to report more cuteness coming from Russia. I do think Russians are overtaking Japanese in cute-ology. Here is some proof, I give you cats of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.”

Mira adds, “Hermitage had these portraits commissioned to celebrate their feline co-workers.”


These images are from


Artfully done by Uzbek artist Eldar Zakirov.







  1. OMG what a great story! And these cat portraits are just hilarious and wonderful–esp the hovertexts, pyrit!

  2. 260Oakley says:

    From the country that gave us Catrin the Great.

  3. Applause, applause (or should that be “applaws, applaws”?).

    What a fabulous story.

  4. I already have some vacation destinations involving cats on my list (Hawaii, Japan), but Russia might be pushing it for me. Still, how wonderful would it be to work in a museum full of fuzzy friends!

  5. The portraits are exquisite and the cats are gorgeous! I can just imagine Hermitage mama cats taking their little ones through the halls of the Museum at night: –“This vase was a gift to Empress Catrin; it’s malachite and gold… Ivan, get down here this instant! That Matisse is NOT a scratching toy!…”

  6. Wow these are beautiful! I wonder if they’re modeled after specific kitties at the museum? the tuxie with the black muzzlepowshe dot would be immediately recognizable prancing around the grounds 🙂

  7. The cats have been working there for 200 years–and boy are they TIRED!

    (Work with me, people. It’s Friday.)

  8. HAHA

  9. 😀 😀 😀

  10. Yeay! So happy this got posted:) I am happy to provide more proof that Russians know their cute, despite their reputation of being stern and serious. Watch out, Japan, Russians are a’comin’.

  11. Sharon Wilson says:

    That narrator lady’s going to have cat hair on her black pants!

  12. As for the Canadian [male] narrator, I will obey anything Colm Furry says

  13. I think the kitteh at 1:56 wants me to take him home. Immediately.

  14. i would LOVE to visit russia and go to the hermitage and see a kitteh strolling around the gallery.

    the question bears asking again – WHERE DO I GET THE KITTEH-IN-MUSEUM JOB???

  15. Are they going to be wearing shirts?

  16. I have been to the Hermitage, and while I didn’t see the kitties in the museum itself, they were a very clear presence, when you stand in line waiting to get in they are all over the place, coming and going from the central courtyard. Very cute.

  17. I was there in Winter and all I saw was lots of mud puddles in rooms filled with amazing art. And attendants sleeping in chairs.

  18. Clairdelune says:

    Another feather in your cap, Oakley. You’re must be becoming jaded by now, I mean, all this applause and admiration….

  19. Clairdelune says:


  20. Clairdelune says:

    Hey tenshihitomi, if you are collecting vacation destinations involving cats, have considered Rome, Italy? The Colosseum and the Pyramid of Caius and other antiquities are FULL of cats – several hundreds at each location, sort of feline colonies being fed daily by kindly older ladies and bemused tourists… 😀

  21. Princess Fiona says:

    Love how they’ve wrapped blankets around the basement pipes. They’re the perfect texture for climbing. strutting and lounging!

  22. AWW 😀

  23. Same here, tenshihitomi 😀 The staff at the Hermitage would see me with a kitty on my shoulders walking around if any kitty would let me to that 😀 Of course, I would have to find out if I could take said kitty home with me to Canada 😀