Have You Nommed Your Whiskerstache Floof Today?

Hi, I nom on my whiskerstache floof a leetle beet every day and I FEEL GREAT!

“Hi friends and fellow cute enthusiasts at Cute Overload! Have I got a gem to share with you. My dog, Phoebe here showcasing her modeling skills for her upcoming Sears portrait photo shoot. Hope she can bring a little cute to your life! Thanks for filling the world with cute!” -Angelica R.



  1. What a sweet floofy morsel Phoebe is!!! She brings a LOT of cute into our lives!

  2. OMG! Its Andy Warhol!!!

  3. You took the words right outta my mouth!

  4. And mine 😀

  5. And mine ! 😀

    Totally cute 🙂