Squee? What Is This Squee You Are Speaking Of?

So Josh Norem sends this video over, and adds “I don’t know what any of the text says, but I’m imagining it’s the Russian equivalent of “Squee.” Of course, this means me trying to do battle get all clever with my old adversary Google Translate- but in doing so, I found there is no such word.

Well, who needs words- this one will leave you speechless, anyway.



  1. I wanna know the wee one’s story. Anyone understand the language?!?

  2. It looks like the Russians also have figured out the cuteness that is Japan!

  3. I love how the cats are not at all sure about the kitty, but the dog is all “HI HI WANNA PLAY?!”

  4. Pretty sure my Greyhound (a mama dog) wanted to be this kitten’s mommy when she heard him mew. I know I wanted to take care of this itteh bitteh kitteh.

  5. oh noes I’m all teary now, thinking about the little bebeh asking “are you my mommy?” and the kittehs all jump away and he’s so small and tiny and lonely and .. sniffsniff. gulp. Luckily, he looks pretty brave and resilient and has a nice hoomin and a pom to play with but .. but .. no momma .. snf.

  6. The titles say, “Kitten’s first home”, and then the countdown: “week one, week two, week three, week four”. Then, “kitten’s photos”, and the final title reads, “to be continued”. Looks like a rescue situation, based on the odd collection of animals living in the house!

  7. The title is “Very funny funny little kitten” then the first one says “In one week”, “Two weeks later”, “Three weeks later”, “Four weeks later”, “kitten photos”, then “to be continued . . .”
    I do not speak Russian, I just ran it through a translator online, so it might not be entirely correct. 🙂 Adorable video!!!!

  8. Princess Fiona says:

    Here’s a very rough translation, courtesy of Google Translate:
    Title: Very funny funny little kitten

    1. The first house is a kitten

    2. After one week

    3. After two weeks

    4. After three weeks

    5. After four weeks

    6. Kitten photos

    7. To be continued…

  9. Did you notice the one eye grey kitty at 0:24?
    I don’t know who those people are I’m just glad there are people like that in the world to take care of kitties in need.

  10. Too cute, brought tears to my eyes! Reminds me of my little Ozzy. My husband and I rescued him from the woods nearby, he lived for 2 weeks with us and then we found him a home. I miss him so much!

  11. Thank you! I was wondering what it said……what language is it in?

  12. That kitteh is so adorable…….I can’t believe none of the cats would give him any love. Thank goodness those kind people were there to care and nurture it like a mother would. I noticed the one-eyed cat didn’t run away like the others. It kind of came back and sniffed the babeh.

  13. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this once before on another thread. The kitten is Ohagi, from Japan. You should all see the original video (with English text) here:

    There are also part 2 and 3 of the diary on his hoomin’s YT channel (which I think updates daily).

  14. I knew I’d seen this before, I just didn’t remember where.

  15. I want my first house to be a kitten too!

  16. Kitteh climbing “Mount Pantleg.” LOL.

  17. The spotted belleh, people.

  18. Kitty translations: ” ROAR .. I’M A TIGER .. See me Squee”

  19. phred's mom says:


  20. I know. That belleh killed me dead.

  21. Catwhisperer says:

    HOW in God’s name, am I supposed to get any work done after watching that?!?!

  22. Your not ! .. hehe

  23. Male cats often get freaked out and run away from kittens. When I fostered a rescued litter (and adopted the mom), our two mail cats ran away from the kittens like their tails were on fire. I was quite pleased when we introduced our male cat to his new baby sister and instead he chose to tackle her and giver her a very thorough bath.

  24. Yesh, and da pinkalicious toe beans! 🙂

  25. Sharon Wilson says:

    Well, maybe that’s because kittens often try to nurse from them!

  26. That’s a dog for you!

  27. That was my thought also – the cats freak out, while the dog can barely contain his (her?) excitement. What a sweet interaction!

  28. I. Am. Ded. *thud*

  29. I’m thinking it’s because of an impending paternity suit.

  30. Grr, I really hate it when people steal videos and don’t link back to the original uploader. This kitten is Ohagi and her owner is MAKO0MAKO0. Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/MAKO0MAKO0?feature=g-subs-u

  31. Jenny Islander says:

    That kitty is going to grow up bilingual.

    True story: I once saw a Lab puppy and an adult cat attempting to invite each other to play. The puppy play-bowed, the cat fake-pounced, and they both had friendly, interested expressions–but they just plain did not get what the other was trying to say. Cute but sad, I guess.

  32. Hate no more!

  33. Oh no! That little kitten just needed a mommy. 😦 Cute, but sad.

  34. Hm, my female cat always hissed and growled at the young ones, while the adult toms startet to play with the babys and occasionally cleaned them. But then, the kittens I had where never that small. I got them at that age when they happily destroy all your possessions.

  35. Awww! Nice try, Russia, but everything is cuter in the original Japanese 😀

  36. The leetle wobbly pounces at the 0.45 mark! *Is DED*

  37. That. Is. Deadly. 🙂

  38. Readerlady says:

    Thanks for the link! It was wonderful to see the squee bebbeh grow up to be a handsome laddie!

  39. Yes I was thinking the very same thing. What a good dog to befriend the kitty!

  40. victoreia says:

    Right. I’m ded. D-E-D!

  41. Same here, Readerlady 😀

  42. Thanks!