Classic Meg Rewind: January 25th, 2012

Tiny Dormouse Snores

The fine folks over at Boing Boing have reminded moi that the ever-snoozing and ever-prosh dormouse is hibernatin’ and therefore snoring up a storm these days. Will you please check out this redonk snoring action:

Did You Know™ that the dormouse sleep three quarters of the year in a nest? (That’s insta-dorabuhls). They weigh 15 to 30 grams, and they’re English, so you know when they talk, it’s absolutely charming.

First still image by Terry Whitaker, Dormice photographer extraordinaire. Second photo from Smart Images UK.



  1. This was so cute but my only question is what happened to that persons finger? 🙂

  2. Martha in Washington says:

    Imagining sitting in a lovely English garden, having tea and sandwiches and listening to a chorus of theses tiny honk-shus. *thunk I’m ded*

  3. Martha in Washington says:

    Obviously the qteness also killed my ability to spell.

  4. jelmore49 says:


  5. That’s so cute it’s like a Disney movie, I almost expected to hear Cinderella singing in the background.

  6. Tana Siemaszko says:

    Well of course they do, they’re called dormice from the French “dormir” to sleep. Giggle. They’re so prosh.

  7. Just don’t mention the furry quadruped with whiskers and pointy ears . . .
    You know, C-A-T
    They’ll flee from sheer terror to hide in the teapot-or the sugar jar.

  8. Gigi-wrong movie. See comment below

  9. Oh my….and just look at the curled up feets and toe-toes! Adorables. *Thud*

  10. Mr. Mouse is cute, but only brought to us through the fearless leader Meg, whose cuteness is unrivaled. I am a lurker from early Theo moderation days and often think kind thoughts and prayers for Meg and her family. With no new news that all is well with multiples, am sending more kind prayers her way.
    Thank you for my daily dose of cute!
    Honk shew

  11. Haha! Was just thinking get Mr. Mouse a CPAP stat and low and behold, look in the ads!
    That is some mighty fine sleeping!

  12. After the adorable honk-shues (he needs some Vick’s!) in the selection of other videos is a pair of buns on their backs. You MUST watch this! It is a whole cupboard of cuteness with all sorts of snuggly, sweet, prosh bebehs. Be warned, tho, that you may want to be sitting in a comfy spot for the inevitable fainting spell! This video should be an actual post!

  13. I know the dormouse in Alice in Wonderland but this fat little snoring cutie reminds me more of Gus Gus in Cinderella

  14. That’s a LOT of honk shu action coming from such a small creature!

  15. fleurdamour says:

    Remember what the dormouse said: Squee! You’re ded!

  16. Aw thanks! That’s one of my favourites. And me with the insomnia right now… perhaps I can somehow loop this as a lullaby, or maybe just do some visualizations of being curled up and out like a… well, door mouse. One again, CO to the rescute! Now, here’s an idea – a line of cuteaceuticals, each geared to a different ailment. Anybody else got ideas to complete the medicine chest?

  17. OMG, yes this leetle guy needs Vicks rubbed on his chest!!
    I remember that as a cold remedy growing up…is it wrong to still love the smell of Vick’s?

  18. I hope the poor little thing doesn’t have an upper respiratory infection or something.
    Or is this normal?

  19. I remember this from back in the day. It’s still as adorable as it was back then. I want a leetle snoring mousie.

  20. that’s got to be one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen

  21. twocityshibas says:

    That’s what an old roommate once said about me, but I bet if I was as cute as this doormouse, the might not have minded the noise so much.

  22. Smartypants says:

    Do they make Breathe-Rite strips this small? (pulls out a tiny pair of scissors to make some).

  23. Smartypants says:

    That’s cool! I was going to make a pun about ‘dormant,” but it didn’t occur to me that that really WAS the word origin.

  24. Not at all! 🙂

  25. Mama Carrie says:

    It’s Friday! Honk to the Shoo!!!