Whole New Ball Game

The biggest linebacker in NFL history, Sherman ‘The Tank” McTacklesons, …thinks soccer is very funny.

“This is Sherman (the tank). It’s his first birthday, and he weighs 64 pounds. This soccer ball is the best thing that’s ever happened to him.” -Jessica G.



  1. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Happy Birthday, big guy. And may there be many soccer balls in your future.

  2. He’s built like a tank but his face tells me he’s a big sweetheart.

  3. That is one happy face right there! I hope your birthday was spectacular, Sherman.

  4. I hope Sherman doesn’t run into any cats!

    (The arch-nemesis’ of Sherman tanks in WW2 were various models of German tanks, all named after breeds of big cats like “Tiger” or “Panther”.)

  5. AW, happy birthday, buddy! (One day late) I hope it’s the first of many!

  6. Dog Lover says:

    Happy Birday, big guy! I hope all your days are this happy. *smooches*

  7. Oooooo, I love fun facts like this! Methinks Sherman will hold his own against anything or anyone. Tank indeed!

  8. While American tanks are generally named after generals (Grant, Lee, Pershing, Sheridan, Patton and, of course, the Sherman)…


  10. ohhh what sweet cheeks yousz have
    just made for grabbing hold of so I can give yousz a big birthday smooch.

  11. Wilhelmina says:

    Happy birthday Sherman you are in good hands:)and just between the two of us ,it is called a “voetbal “:)