Toothpeeck, Anyonne’?

Offers elegant toothpeeck holdere’. Delicately extends peenkay.

“This is my hedgie, Henry Hazelnut, in a Hedgehog Measuring Cup. You can follow Henry at  Henry Hazelnut on Facebook.” -Ann Cordis



  1. fleurdamour says:

    A hedgehog measuring cup is for measuring hedgehogs, n’est ce pas?

    The cup is an excellent hedge faxsqueemile, I might add.

  2. Henry is soooo cute!

    And where can I get a hedgie measuring cup? WANT.

  3. Wait .. If your measuring a Hedgie .. Why are you measuring in Cups .. shouldn’t that be Points err pints.

  4. I think the measuring cup was from Anthropologie….was eyeing it last year…

  5. roguerylla says:

    The measuring cups are from Anthropologie….I’ve been eyeing them since earlier this year…

  6. WoolyBully says:

    You can get the measuring cups here: (or in the Anthropologie stores)

    They are super cute, aren’t they?

  7. Ann Cordis says:

    This was an Anthropologie find.

  8. Hedgie toothpick could clean your whole mouth at once.

  9. Indeed. I call matcheengs