Poll: Name This Santa Cruz Sea Otter!

“Ran into an otter at the Santa Cruz wharf today and filmed it lounging, stretching, grooming, and just generally being adorable. It was hanging out on the same wooden platform as a bunch of sea lions. (Since it’s not my pet but rather an adorable stranger, I’ll leave it up to you to give him a cute name if you end up posting this.) -Melissa G.


  1. Snuffy ;)

  2. “Perpe”

  3. Welcome back, Kotter!

  4. Can’t think, too ded from cute.

  5. I-Wei Wang says:


  6. Ray LeOtter

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Call me Fishmael.

  8. phred's mom says:

    YES! This gets my vote!
    Oak does it yet again.

  9. animal lover says:


  10. I second that vote! “Fishmael” it is!

  11. Sebastian . He’s got to be British – look how thick his coat is . It needs to be , it’s blummin’ freezing for 10 months here – the remaining months , it rains .
    He’s also an hereditary Lord . So ….Lord Sebastian Cosmo d’Otter – Laird of Tiree

  12. Conrad

  13. Is it just me or does it look like the otter is having a bad dream. Maybe bees attacking his face?

  14. Maybe some kind of parasites. Hope someone can help.

  15. Clamso, boys, clamso…

  16. Snoozeferd P. Herringman

  17. What else could you name an otter but Emmett?

  18. Furry McCoat

  19. THANK you. Exactly!

  20. Childhood flashback: Emmett otter and the jug band. It’s hazy, I just know the name

  21. One of the Muppet specials. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFJ2jxIe4CQ

  22. I guess they are not feets but flippers. But I will still say: the cutest floppy feets ever.

  23. fleurdamour says:

    I think every otter should be named Hairy P.Otter.

  24. Love it! :-D

  25. Or even Harry P. Otter!

  26. Benedict Cumberfish

  27. Lol someone is a Sherlock fan! Me too though :)

  28. Otter Lee Cute

  29. “Itchy”… he seems to be! Otters are the cutest things ever (don’t tell my dogs and cat)!!!

    Okay, they’re all pretty darn adorable.

  30. That was my thought too! Itchy is the perfect name for this guy.

  31. Ahh you beat me to it! lol

  32. Otter Who.

  33. emmberrann says:

    Tom (Santa) Cruz

  34. My thoughts exactly!

  35. Mr. Sleepy paws

  36. Jimmy…

  37. My choice for the little guys name would be …. “Whyeye” . as in “Why Eye Otter”….

  38. My thoughts exactly!

  39. I was just thinking that, you beat me to it! I was also thinking of “Tummothy” for having such a fantastic tummy!

  40. loribelle says:

    Benedict CUmberbatch, of course!

  41. Ty(-Ty) McWhiskersons.

    PS. Where’s the wombat reference on this poll?

  42. …where’s the wombats?

  43. Puddin’ !

  44. Bojangles!

  45. I name him Cutie

  46. MusicFan87 says:

    Emmett! After Jim Henson’s “Emmett Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas.” Anyone remember this adorable HBO special from the early 1980’s?

  47. Sumsykittles!

  48. hehe, I actually have a WoW character named Snorgle. :) Panda of course.

  49. Lucas! …aka Luc. 8D

  50. Bismarck, as in Otter Von, and like the doughnut — sweet and fluffy with a jelly belly!

  51. Otterton

  52. There are so many possibilities….
    Otter B. Famous?
    Rip V. Winkle?
    Itchy N. Scratchy?

  53. Santa Cruz deserves Cruiser as a name!

  54. Walter. Definitely A Walter.

  55. His name shall be Oliver. Ollie, for short.

  56. Bob

  57. coribella says:

    How about; Peek-a-B00, and Boo as a nickname. It looks like he’s playing.

  58. Squirmball. Definitely Squirmball.

  59. It’s got to be “Belleh”–I mean, did you SEE it?? He’s all belleh!

  60. Binky!

  61. He’s definitely a Kevin.

  62. Harry P.Otter definitely

  63. 2LabsandMe says:

    George. Cause he just looks like a George.

  64. Judy Foster says:

    Name him Oscar the otter

  65. I like “Why-eye”!


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