I’m Never Staying at This Hotel Again

Tried to save money by staying in one of those budget “pod” hotels. Big mistake! The walls are flimsy, and the monkeys upstairs kept me up all night!

Tina O. writes: “‘The Dude’ keeping warm for his first doctor visit. He was 4-6 weeks old, had not eaten in three days, and only 11 oz. Oh, and blind. He now knows every inch of his house, and is 9.5 pounds! He loves his groceries!”



  1. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    So glad to hear he’s okay. Blind cats do great navigating their surroundings. It’s nothing to be sorry about. But not eating. That’s no good. Kisses on your little nose.

  2. “I’m Never Staying at This Hotel Again”

    Those loafers on the second floor look like trouble, too.

  3. Maybe the kitty is a rightfully worried about the structural integrity of this hotel. 😮

  4. The Dude abides.

  5. Oh sweet soul. This all makes me happy! 🙂

  6. Here is the forgotten comma
    Love this picture as I know fun and happy days are to come for “the Dude”!

  7. T

    Look at the size of the shoe to the left of upper floor troublemakers in comparison to sweet Dude! Lof me some bitsy kitties!

  8. The Dude is lucky to have a loving family! My parents have a blind, deaf cat that is just thrilled about life. He has a chair in a sunny window and gets lots of love and attention. “Baby cat” walks around in circles to gauge new environments, but then he is fine. He purrs like a maniac and has serious “happy feet” when he gets attention. He hollars if he thinks he is alone, and has to pull himself up, rather than jump onto the bed, but he has a great quality of life. people might worry about adopting cats with disabilities but he a great companion. We call him by tapping on the floor. The scariest thing is worrying if he got outside. He has a bell and reflective collar just in case. A GPS beacon would be better.

  9. George, my 19yo cat came to us at 16 years old, and he has recently gone deaf and is now getting a bit blind. He has lost his figure, but we never tell him that, as he is still so very handsome. He navigates very well, sleeping after early breakfast under his fig tree in our very safe, well-fenced back yard, followed by late breakfast, and a good nap on the screened back porch. Then there’s early lunch, a stint as a decorative bed pillow, followed by lunch, bird watching, and a snack that barely tides him over to an early dinner. He then languishes until dinner, and then it’s on to the sofa to wait for late dinner. This is followed by treats, catnip and an early bedtime. And before you say he must be fat–well, no. he IS a bit portly, but we tell ourselves it’s because he is adored by the neighbor children, who lavish him with treats when he visits them via a specially cut doorway between the two yards. And, really, it only adds to his stately, gracious Victorian charm.

  10. Cynthia M says:

    Indeed he does. Nothing but strikes for this guy!

  11. olivialovesfurrycreatures says:

    Lots of love for little Dude. He’s lucky to have you, Tina. And you too to have him. 🙂

  12. I second that, olivialovesfurrycreatures 😀

  13. I was going to offer the Dude accommodation in my house, it’s got solid walls, but he’s definitely in the best place for him, with his loving, caring hoomins.

  14. George is obviously a gentleman of leisure and describing him as “portly” is much more dignified than calling him fatl! Thanks for giving a senior kitty such a wonderful home!