Have We Got a Photo Ass-ignment For You

– literally! We like butt beds and we cannot lie. So why not send us your butt bed photo or YouTube video link to cuteoverload at gmail dot com! Maybe your butt bed will make CO a butt bedder place, awww.

“This is my husband and Maggie (our cat)…she loves him and clearly finds his butt comphy.” ~Shannon J. (Shannon I first read that as, “she finds his butt company.”)


  1. 260Oakley says:

    Get cracking, CO’ers!

  2. Darn it .. I’m behind the times .. I’m such a butthead

  3. With Shannon’s permission, we should nominate her husband as a Men of CO. (in the ButtBed category? Do we have any categories?)

  4. Definitey a “Men of CO” candidate!

  5. Defs, another for the calendar.

  6. I think with all the men of CO on the list we should do an almanac instead of a calender.

  7. Here! Here! I’d definite buy the almanac ;-). Shannon, you have a very understanding and handsome husband.

  8. An Almanac is a great idea. However, I have struggled for over a year to get CO to agree to the calendar, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I agree, thankfully we are surrounded by suitable candidates for either, and Shannon’s husband would be another great addish. What a wonderful world we live in!

  9. I see a poof of tail plummage! I mean on the cat, not the dude…!

  10. Tony James says:

    Maybe he’s channeling some 70s era classic rock – Butt Comph(an)y…

  11. I’ve not heard this one before, TJ, and it’s righteous cool, so I right-clicked on it to copy the URL. Delighted to note that he menu contains the option “stats for nerds”.

  12. Doesn’t Shannon’s hubby have a kind of world-weary Bohemian look about him? Like he;s right of the 50s, and only needs a pack of Gitanes and a set of bongos? :P

  13. I am catching your vibe, Theresa. I dig it. Both hoomin and kitteh are two cool cats!
    *finger snaps*

    Just like Jack Lemmon at 0:36…

  14. Ernie Kovaks channelling “Columbo”, or did Columbo channel EK?

  15. I had the same thought. The world weary look on his face is just classic!

  16. fleurdamour says:

    Maybe just weary – that cat looks heavy.

  17. i just sent in mine – i had TWO cats on my butt.

  18. which means i have either a very big butt or two small cats….

  19. 260Oakley says:

    No, I think it just means you were unable to turn the other cheek. ;)

  20. *snerk* :-D

  21. FTW!

  22. Sitting in the catbutt seat

  23. Y’all are on fire today, commenters. Hopefully the butts are not, though, as that could get painful.

  24. Well is it, Shannon? Comphy?

    You tell us.

  25. Husband? Damn!!

  26. Robert Downey, Jr.’s stunt double demonstrates the most dangerous effect from Avengers 2: Revenge of the Cute.

  27. :lol: AWW :lol: Your dear husband looks like he had no choice but to lay like that since your dear sweet kitty, Maggie, clearly finds his butt very comfortable to lay on, Shannon J. :lol:

  28. Evil Minion(Translated) : *giggles* .. he say Butt

  29. Well I like your couch!

  30. Purr-fectly adorable, & so is the cat!!!

  31. Thanks everyone! I think my cat and husband are pretty adorable (and comphy) too…and, Javabee, I think my couch is totally awesome so I appreciate the compliment.

  32. I think the hubby has a Peirce Brosnan, 007 kind of look. ;) And my cats frequently use any part of me they can get at to lay on! lol

  33. More cute husbands please.

  34. stacy j s says:

    awww thats so cute maggie looks so sleepy :D


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