Brother Cream: Today HK, Tomorrow The World (Updated!)

That’s this kittehs name! Tsim Tung Brother Cream, or just Brother Cream for short. He resides in a convenience store in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong, with his hoomin who runs the place. Naturally, he’s got his own book out with the requisite hysteria! Check here for more on BC. (PS- Good LUCK if you can find that book- I had Google on its KNEES, and nada.)

Update! Cuteporter Goozak found it! “Google Image search is your friend. I isolated the picture of the cover in the article and Ta-Dah!” Goozak, I bow to your Googley Greatness.


According to the South China Morning Post, “The famous cat and his black and white partner, Sister Cream, are usually to be found at Bee Ko Chee-shing’s store in the South Seas Centre.”


“Ko said part of the revenue Brother Cream made would go to charities that help stray animals.”


All photos from FB. Thanks to Cuteporter edmundh for the teep.



  1. Brother and Sister Cream…best names evar. Not only are the snorglable but proceeds from book going to charity makes them and their hoomins extra awesome!

  2. Thanks to the second video, I now know how to write “Hong Kong Fatty Kitty” in Chinese, which feels like the most useful language lesson I have ever had.

  3. Clairdelune says:

    Gorgeous kittehs, both of them!! And LARGE!! Luff Brother Cream and how he is a real chubbular armful in one of the videos. Luff them both and how they accept the attention and food and skritches with such regal composure – born to rule, obviously.

  4. Google Image search is your friend… Isolated the picture of the cover in the article’s picture and TADA !

  5. Yay my first submish!

    BTW if you do happen to be in HK and want to paid a visit, please follow the rules (there are signs in the store):
    1) Photography is welcome, but no flash please!
    2) No touching!

  6. Wait, how did I miss this after almost a month or so in Hong Kong?!

  7. Indeed, Saffron 😀 Oh, I would just LOVE to snorgle both Brother and Sister Cream 😀

  8. you’re in HK? ON THE SCENE video + photos, please!

  9. Not anymore, sadly. I was there last fall though, and no news of Brother and Sister Cream made its way to me. I feel gypped.

  10. Actually, I do believe Sister Cream is in fact known as Brother Cream’s wife, as that’s what we call her here in HK. He is getting quite chubbular lately…I guess that’s what fame does to one adorable kitteh! Congrats to Brother Cream for getting on Cute Overload – the first step to cute world domination! =D

    FYI – an interview with Brother Cream’s hoomin’:

  11. You can copy 尖東忌廉哥 and paste to facebook for searching his web ,there are updated news of brother cream ,cheers ^^

  12. Sharon Wilson says:

    Hey, I’d go to that store just to scritch the kitteh! Why can’t my local store have a resident cat? BTW, LOVE how Ms. Frowneh-Face smiles for a brief moment when she passes the cat!