Meanwhile, in the Catcave…

From deep within his underground crimefighting lair, billionaire genius Felix Flugelhorn, AKA The Catman, scans the city with his ultrasonic surveillance eavesdropper, which is totally not creepy when a superhero does it.

All seems calm, when… Hark! A jewelry store robbery by that master arch villain, The Podriatrist! Wasting no time, Catman summons his youthful sidekick, Labrat!

Top Photo: “Here is Schubert wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask,” says Melanie H. “He could be thinking, ‘Hmmmm. I could join my fellow ninjas in a booyaka showdown… or I could just… take a… nap…'”

Bottom Photo: No idea.


  1. 😆 AWW😆 Or Schubert may be planning on giving you a good swat for putting that mask on him, Melanie H.😆

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Arch rival The Podiatrist? Oh NTMTOM, you are my sole-mate.

  3. Labrat forgot his pants!😯

  4. Where does one go to find a sweatueh for a labrat ??

  5. Where’s the post with the real Catman when you need it?

  6. That looks like it might have been a sock once.

  7. That is a handsome rat! They would make fun partners

  8. Coffee Cup says:

    Catman and Rodent!

  9. OMG! That rat is adorable!

  10. Red ninja mask + soul patch = one awesome cat.

  11. Loving the little Rattie in his sock sweater.

  12. I have suggested to our choir-master that the next time we sing a Schubert Mass or summat, that the programme has a picture of Schubert in a TMNT mask. He’s not into it – can’t think why. I even showed him the picture. I think it would rock.

    I am ded from teh qte of the rattie in a sock swetauw.

  13. When Catman battles instead of seeing “Pow!” and “Blam” on the TV screen, you see “Shed!” and “Barf!”


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