Is It Bunday Already?

Making weekends more disapproval-ous, one Bunday at a time.


“We’ve had a bumper crop of bunneh’s in the garden this summer. (A literal Cute Overload). I found this little fluffster trying to hide in the grass, and my wife Diane just had to pick him/her up. Although CLEARLY disapproving of being handled by a giant Smurf glove, teh bun-meister was pretty chill about the whole experience, and hopped off to munch on some yummy clover after it was all over.” -Jeff H.



  1. OMG! I have tried multiple times to pick one up with my kids, and I’m talking about a pet bunneh. How did she pick it up? And it was wild!

  2. I didn’t know you could grow bunnehs in a garden. Can I get some of those bunneh seeds, please?

  3. It looks rather young and wild baby buns instinctively sit still and try blend in with their surroundings when threatened while the parent tries to lead the threat away, so I would guess little bun saw big hoomins and was hiding rather than running away.

  4. “Bumper crop of bunnehs” 🙂 WANT!!


  6. This bebeh looks close to 5 inches long–if not hunched up–and at that size they are “on their own.” If you want to encourage bunnies in your yard, and as long as no pets use it, establish a brush pile in one or two isolated/protected areas. Every year I know I have at least one bun with a litter, cos a couple of “teenagers” hang out for a while.

  7. summermixx says:

    HALHBAHAHAH!!! The piece of grass on his left eye.

  8. I am so jealous! I never got bunnies in my garden 😦

  9. I get baby bunnies around work in the middle of the city – weird! They would never let me get close enough to pick them up though. Very disapproving of me..*waaahhh*

  10. I would like a “literal cute overload” please.

  11. Yeah, this guy, while little, was definitely big enough to be on his own. He was hunkered down in the grass next to the fence around our vegetable garden (probably trying to find a way in!). Diane just walked over and scooped him up.

  12. I’m thinking of setting up a little roadside stand. 2 for a dollar.

  13. Bunny is demanding a hare and makeup artist for the next photo shoot.

  14. Hi C.O., thanks for posting my pics! And thanks for all the nice comments, too.

  15. Whoa! I think this cute little bun has gone way beyond disapproval. That’s a downright EVIL look in that second picture. I’m scared!

  16. I am so amazingly JEALOUS of anyone who gets to pick up a lil’ bunny like that! At that age we call them “bunuelos” which is actually a Mexican dessert, but since they look good enough to eat that’s just as well. (That’s actually supposed to have a tilde over the N but I’m not that talented.) We seem them fairly often by the road beside the woods near here, but they spring into the bushes before we get anywhere near close enough to pick ’em up.

    Uber cuteness!