How Darth Vader And Doggehs Are Alike

But I’ll bet Lord Vadah doesn’t like bellah rubs.

From Dog House



  1. Darth Vader is cool but a puppeh wins every time!

  2. Darth Vader’s eye look more like the eyes of the previous octopus post to my mind not cute puppeh dog eyes.

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    Luke come over to the Cat side of the force.
    Those wookies will rip your arm off if you don’t let them win.

  4. “come to the dark side… NO!!!…. But there is cookies…..”
    would you go to the dark side if there was cookies

  5. Dogs have different expressions! I totally disagree with the “both have only one expression” line. A dog’s different facial expressions can note a lot about the dog and how they are feeling. Also, Darth Vader does NOT have “cute puppy dog eyes”. Next! Bring in another puppeh!

  6. Dogs do not have the same expression for everything! They’re more expressive than Chewbacca. 🙂

  7. I totally agree with you! A dog’s expression can tell a lot about the dog. Also, dogs should not be compared to Darth Vader! Dogs are not evil! As well as being a CatLover, I am a DogLover as well!

  8. DV was just misunderstood. He had a hard childhood. That said, I’m a Yoda guy myself.