What’s So Funny?

We happen to take our stripes seriously you know and we will thank you to show a little respect!

“I wanted to share good news. The Lisbon Zoo in Portugal has a new baby Okapi, born in May. He was now presented to the public and he’s the only baby of his kind in Europe. And he’s such a cutie. Do you know they’re relatives to the giraffes? Hope you can give him some love.” -Vanessa (Sounds like the little dude needs a name!)



  1. May I be the first to say, congratulations new mom! Your babeh okapeh is ADORABLE!

  2. How bout “Mr Stripey Tights”?

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Okapi, my kapi! May you have a long life and eat many leaves of grass.

  4. Norman is a popular name right now. 😉
    Zoomer Bloomers? Stryper?

  5. sabrina rose says:

    What beautiful animals! The little one’s markings look like his knees have eyes!

  6. “Do you know they’re relatives to the giraffes?”

    George, stop fooling around with that camera! The Giraffersons are coming over for dinner tonight,and the atrium is full of cobwebs!

  7. Baby needs to stop over-extending his knees. That will haunt him later in life. Otherwise, CUTE!

  8. I love okapi! One of my favorite animals.

  9. Okapi’s are indeed great animals! But to set things straight: the Lisbon zoo is not the only European zoo that has a baby okapi! We live in Antwerp, Belgium and Zoo Antwerpen manages the international studbook for Okapi. In this role, the zoo coordinates breeding recommendations for captive Okapi, with the goal of maintaining a genetically healthy population in zoos worldwide. The last male baby born in Antwerp (december 16) was named Ngwani, which means “child.” He is the 49th Okapi born at Zoo Antwerpen since Okapi first arrived at the zoo in 1919. There are currently eight Okapi at the zoo, including two other calves born in the last two years…

  10. Adorabuhls! (And I’m very proud of myself, I knew it was an okapi without reading the caption!)

  11. Wait? They’re related to giraffes? But, but, the zebra stripes! I’m so confused.

  12. O-ka-pi, O-ka-pa, live goes on, Blah!

  13. I know! They look like a giraffe and a zebra had an illicit affair…