Caturday: No, Those Are NOT Tinted Kitteh Kontacts

This is Sansa, everyone- currently domiciled at the Champaign County Humane Society. Their Cat Days of Summer adoption promotion runs through tomorrow- check out their FB and if you HAPPEN to be near Urbana, Illinois, drop on by. Looks like hours today are 11a-5p local time.

You know you want to.




  1. Those eyes!!! They killed me ded.

    I am now ded. Thanks, CO.

  2. Pretty pretty kitty! I hope Sansa and her friends all find their furever homes this weekend.

  3. Her eyes are really something – gorgeous green and yellow, against her black fur! They have a glint of ” Come hither…I will take over your life and soul gently…”

  4. OH my gosh, that could so be my Sophie’s offspring! Sheesh, the same coloring, eyes, the whole deal… *stares suspiciously at Sophie* Hmmmm And just where have you been playing, young lady??

  5. This is where I live and they have the most amazing array of kitties that need homes.Its wellworth the extra time to drive out here if youre thinking of adopting.

  6. Same here, Berg 😀 I would adopt Sansa (pretty name) if I could 😀

  7. This is where we adopted our two kittens from! They are a wonderful facility and take such good care of all of the animals.

  8. That’s where I adopted my sassy grumpy bunny from!

  9. I adopted Ralph, my redonkulous tuxedo kitty, from Champaign Co. Humane Society. Five bucks says someone scoops Sansa right up really soon!

  10. What a precious baby girl she is, and I literally got a H U G E L O U D purr from her when I saw her last. She’s a cutie for sure!

  11. I’ve fostered kittens from CCHS, and my two kitties (Gouda and Fuji) are rescues from this fine establishment. Help them out! They are great people with great animals!

  12. Joanne Haynes says:

    Hey Sarah, how nice to see you!