Holy McCrappulance! Lookit that little dood. Post title mos’ def’ inspired by this comment thread.

“Bee ‘tocks – with an added bonus of bee snorfage! Credit goes to Big Year Colorado Photography.” –Jennifer G.



  1. Smartypants says:

    Aww, looks like he (she?) is wearing water-wings!

    And continuing previous thread…bumble-bloomers? Bee-breeches?

  2. Bumble bloomers is brilliant!! They are pollen baskets, aka corbiculae, on their hind legs and they’re loaded with pollen. Bees are like pollen air transporters 😀

  3. YES! Spread the bee love! Seeing cute bee posts warms my heart to know there are other out there who feel as adoring towards these li’l (endangered) creature as I do!

  4. If they bee collecting nectar, they bee lady (female) bees! 😀