“Wish”? Did Somebody Say “Wish”?

Now repeat after me, in Jambese:
Mekka-lekka-hai, mekka-hiney-ho!
Mekka-lekka-hai, mekka-channi-ho!

Charla P. says “I snapped this photo with my phone recently when my cat Emma decided to nestle herself into a warm pile of towels fresh from the dryer.”



  1. 260Oakley says:

    If you don’t use a dryer sheet you will end up with cattic cling.

  2. *snerk*

  3. EEP! Look at that face…I wouldn’t dare to touch those towels until the kitty is good and well ready to get out!

  4. Warm towels from the dryer. They are the best. Kitteh is right to claim that territory.

  5. YAY for the shoutout to PeeWee’s Playhouse and Jambi the Genii. When you hear the secret word, SCREAM REAL LOUD!

  6. 😆 Looks like your dear sweet kitty, Emma, found a nice place to take a nap, huh, Charla P. 😆

  7. Clairdelune says:

    I was thinking the same thing… let a sleeping Emma lie… 😀

  8. Oh, how my dear departed Steve loved clean towels. In a basket, in a pile, in a stack, folded, crumpled, and tossed. But her absolute favorite thing was to climb way up to the high shelf where the folded clean towels were stored, and wedge her slinky little self between the top towel and the ceiling. Then she’d go to sleep up there, with just her little paw and chin visible, hanging off the stack.

  9. Sounds like NTMTOM is channeling Weird Al in “Pretty Fly for a Rabbi”, Al’s send-up of “Pretty Fly for A White Guy”:
    “Pretty Fly For A Rabbi”

    Veren zol fun dir a blintsa

    (How ya doin’ Bernie?) Oy vey, oy vey
    (How ya doin’ Bernie?) Oy vey, oy vey
    (How ya doin’ Bernie?) Oy vey, oy vey
    And all the goyim say I’m pretty fly for a rabbi

    Meccha leccha hi, meccha hiney hiney ho

    Our temple’s had a fair share of rabbis in the past
    But most of ’em were nudniks and none of ’em would last
    But our new guy’s real kosher, I think he’ll do the trick
    I tell ya, he’s to dies for – he really knows his shtick

    So how’s by you? Have you seen this Jew?
    Reads the Torah, does his own accounting too
    Workin’ like a dog at the synagogue
    He’s there all day, he’s there all day
    Just say “Vay iz mir!” and he’ll kick into gear
    He’ll bring you lots of cheer and maybe bagels with some shmeer
    Just grab your yarmulka and
    Hey! Hey! Do that Hebrew thing!