Well, What Did You Expect?

It was only a liter box! Now, if it had been a decaliter box, I could have hit that, no problem.

And a hogshead would be a piece of cake.
The real shame here is the spelling. (And thanks to Jessica for correcting my error!)


  1. So many things about this are just wonderful.


    (Signed, Spelling Nerd)

  3. But I have to give the writer props for using an apostrophe correctly!

  4. Dog Lover says:

    OMG, that face, those eyes!! I am ded!! *thud*

  5. Just a note, a deciliter is smaller than a liter. I think you meant decaliter.

  6. Oh my God I love you :)

  7. Ya beat me to it! ;-)

  8. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Dog Shaming is one great invention.

  9. Poor baby, but he/she was just trying to do the right thing……..if cats can do it why not a dog? Just following the example of the “ruler” of the house.
    Sad or cute tag?

  10. Smartypants says:

    Awww…my cat Max, when I first got him, would diligently ‘go’ in the recycling tub. I couldn’t get mad – he clearly was trying to do the right thing! (“It’s a plastic box with loose stuff inside…must be a litter box!”)

    He figured it out quickly, though – I just moved the recycling to a tub with a lid.

  11. Were you in trouble with your hoomins, with the kitty, or both? Good Lord, I could forgive that face anything!

  12. This just just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    The spelling error makes it even better. LOL I didn’t know the difference between a deca- and a deci- liter;-) Thanks for the math lesson:)

  13. People who go around acting like spelling police must live one lonely, pathetic, boring life

  14. Grammar police is just as bad.

  15. Could be worse — he could have decided to try using the bed instead. He should get a treat for the attempt, anyhow.

  16. You’re welcome! Doggy is adorable, and obviously trying to do right. I would forgive him. :)

  17. Aw crap. I hate it when that happens. *dang it*


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