Now, Back to The Depressing Table

“Last week, you’ll remember, we watched other people eat an exotic Polynesian luau, but we’re bringing it back home this week, by watching them eat a stick-to-your-ribs cookout straight from America’s heartland. But it isn’t all meat and potatoes, because they’ll also enjoy grilled red peppers, late summer corn, topped off by a fine French wine.”

The Depressing Table is sponsored by a generous submission from PH, who adds “This is Betsy, waiting patiently for supper to begin and wondering which of the two human guests won’t be getting a steak.”



  1. Dog Lover says:

    Oh man, that is totally my kinda meal. Yummmm!!!

    Oh, and I guess there’s a dog there too. 🙂

  2. Nothing depressing there! Plus a nice Cabernet? Yum!

  3. PS: Yummy little Betsy, too!

  4. “I’m NOT going to eat you.” LOL!!

    Poor Betsy. So close and yet so unattainable. 😦

    (P.S. Tom Nom, shouldn’t that be a Schblatz rather than a PBR? :mrgreen: )

  5. summermixx says:

    AWWW!! Such good table manners, Betsy!!!!

  6. That dinner looks wonderful!