I, Am Cat.

You, Are Not.

Shameless feline effrontery via Derpy Cats



  1. “So, there! Nyah!”

  2. I, can get my own food. You cannot.

  3. Killer Klown says:

    I, can do this cool thing with my tongue. You, cannot.

  4. Bring. Me. Gushy. Noms.

  5. OMG I love it!

  6. One of the best things in life is when cats forget to put their tongues back in their mouths ❤

  7. My cat sticks its tongue whenever I comb it … by the way, thanks for all your posts. They often make me smile! 🙂

  8. Ith’s sthuck!

  9. I tewtelly agree!!

  10. LOL I second that 😀

  11. angela butts says:

    i like cats and my look like that